VFL - Round 9 vs Tiggers @ MCG, 2:30pm Sat 20 May 2023

Agreed totally. I have been there many times and something is just missing. It is a cold, soulless place with no atmosphere at all. Just horrible.

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You sound like my mother.



I missed it, looking at the stats though, Bryan and Voss both seem to have had strong games, and did Munkara play his best so far? Tex 6 disp isn’t great output.
Did not see the game though, only going from stats, and can’t find any match reports.


Take it back!

Doesn’t help with all the injuries

Bryan - I must say I get frustrated continuously watching this smooth mover perform in the VFL while Phillips stink it up like an un-coordinated giraffe in the AFL. He gets a lot of the ball, uses it well, takes the odd crunch mark and wins the hit outs without fail. I can’t understand how Phillips is selected ahead of him.

Wanganeen - Its good to have some defensive thinking in forwards but I suspect he is a bit too defensive. He chased so hard and chased so often that he ended up cramping. Unfortunately, lots of those chases were ineffective. I’d like to see him abandon some of those chases and instead make position in case his team mates can force a turnover and he can be there to kick some goals.

Guelfi - Didn’t get a lot of the ball but he was hard in the marking contests and kicked some goals. Wouldn’t select him in the AFL off that performance though.

Munkara - Doesn’t get a lot of it but it is exciting when he gets some. The thing that I especially like is that I sort of expect him to win the one-on-ones or have the ability to make something out of nothing.

Lord - I love watching him collect the ball and carve through the lines. Probably needs more strength as a defender but he has more agility than Hind and is probably less prone to trip over his own shoe laces. I think there is a future there.

Voss - He plays a lot like Langford but with a bit more intensity and hardness around the ball. Like many others, I’d love to see him in the AFL playing a Langford type role.

Montgomerie - Good. I think you could be confident that if you selected him to play a Heppel role in the AFL he would do it well.

Hayes - Bit weak at times but had some good intercepts, good kicks and good contests.

McBride - I’ve seen him do some good things in the ruck and occasionally in the forward line but it has always looked awful in the backline. He loses contests, or halves them and then just stands around like a stunned mullet when the ball is still in dispute. I get that he is a category B so doesn’t take up a list spot, but in terms of the VFL team winning games, you’d be better off not feeling any obligation to select him. As a defender, there is just nothing there.


Terry was not wrong

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Poor coaching in the last quarter helped us lose

Thanks for that review, prob the first poster I’ve seen say they thought Lord had a future.

The AFL has published this fine/reprimand for this round.

I don’t know what drugs they are on.

Offending Player Reportable Offence Victim Player Quarter Grading Sanction Early Plea Outcome
John Roumeliotis (Essendon) Forceful Front On Contact (First Offence) Bailey Lambert (Frankston) Fourth Quarter Careless Conduct / Low Impact / High Contact 1 match $150 & Reprimand $150 & Reprimand

I didn’t check if the other two were also imaginary (in both cases an umpire was the victim, so I don’t know if it wasn’t even from an actual game of the past round).

Worked it out: the AFL’s phone auto-completed “Northern Bullants” as “Essendon”.


Paul Cousins VFL Wrap - The Sash Podcast

Nick Bryan -Very good, Bryza went largely 1 out, rucked the majority of the day, got around the ground well, competed well back and forward, terrific around the ground, took some good grabs, one of his better games for the year, enjoyed the spaces of MCG and showing his athletic ability. Forward work - Hasn’t had opportunity to spend much time forward so far this season.

Guelfi - played 3 quarters, got plenty of work in.

Patrick VOSS - 3 goals and missed 1
Played a mix of FF and CHF, looked like was going to tear the game apart in the first quarter.
Opportunities dried up from there and missed a couple of shots. He marked the ball well, he presented well, was a big imposing presence, we know and love. Ended upw ith 3 but had opportunities for more. Still exerted his influence on the game and played pretty well.

Baldwin - AFL big fan, wrapped that he has got the opportunity 2 weeks in afl, been fantastic, made mistakes at times, Daniher got hold of him in BRisbane game, but overall been terrific, ball use been good, he’s a fantastic field kick, real penetration, real vision, a lot of people don’t realise that, He competes well, he’s a big unit and moves well over the ground.


He definitely showed some nice signs last week. Was using his athleticism to full effect.

Going to be interesting at the end of the year. I think there’s a potential player there, but lost spots are going to be tight

Hard to believe we lost from here.