VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


Hind ing Nino Lazzaro 2 Orazio


There’s not much separating Hind and Hird


Hind had a ripper of a year in 2017. 18 clubs said No in the draft. Now he has backed it up. Isn’t that what the rookie draft is for ?

If the Bulldogs can have a midget running around in the AFL, Hind should be able to make it.


This is part of what he was sent to VFL to do. Needs to impose himself more on the contest, hold his place in the structure rather than kick chase. Has great hands and speed, perfect attributes for a modern day forward but probably needs to watch Jack Riewoldt play and model his game on that. Still young enough to have a very good AFL career. Steps in the right direction.


Thanks for what? Saying how many touches he had in the second? Thanks @theDJR

Pay attention and you’ll see me defending him in the thread.


Francis certainly loves a bit of lairising

Nothing much came off for him today though, he ballsed it up plenty of times.


So who do we do play next week? Serious question



Plenty of learning to be taken out of that game. As Woosh would say.


I’m a little concerned that we will have a lot of players nursing injuries from here on in


Had the Missus read the updating posts in the car From Jimmys goal til the end. :grimacing: lol she’s a massive Tigers fan


I would be surprised if any of the teams left aren’t carrying a few iffy players. The nature of a long season.

The problem for us is not having any time off to give them a little spell to rest up a bit.


Stewart doesn’t know what to do in slow transition or when there’s plenty of numbers inside 50.
He wants to lead around and that’s great but when your being asked to be the key tall and the percentage play is kick it high to the top of the square you gotta be positioning your opponent out of the way so he can get a good run at the contested mark.


Looney likely to be fit next week?

We’re going to have at least 3 forced changes through injury: Boyse, Harrison, Mynott


There are a lot of players on thd VFL list. But we did field our best available team. 2 players will need to step up next week. Boyse was a big loss. Poor bloke left the field like he had been in a car crash.


Hind ran so fast it was almost like he was on his HIND legs

Get it, because his name is Hind

Champagne Comedy


It’s best that Francis learns these lessons in the VFL.

He was frustrated with the amount of attention he was getting. He needs to keep working into the game And stop getting side tracked by his opponent.

He will start getting attention in the AFL.


Get outta here


No doubt most playing are carrying niggles, but we are losing players to injuries - Boyse, Green, Buddha, Harrison - the cupboard is running bare, it will take heart from here.