VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


That type is only loveable when they play for us.


Not really.

Key forwards are taught to make a contest and bring the ball to ground in that situation. Riewoldt does it every week, often sacrificing his own game.

It’s what a lot on here don’t realise, and Stewart competed well today. He also threw some weight around in the ground contests too, trying to give Green and Younan clear space.

Am betting a few of those knocking him were the same ones who said he “can’t take a contested mark” and is “more of a flanker”.

Anyway, I’ve posted enough about him. Was a great win, Zerk, HepA, Hartley and Hind all really stood up too.


He runs quicker than the ball can travel thru the air


Next Sunday @ Port Melbourne v Casey Get along people!

We outnumbered the ‘biggest’ team in the AFL today

Go Bombers!


I can’t see why Clarke doesn’t follow a career similar to Priddis. Can definitely win his own footy, elite engine, wrecking ball type and starting to become a marking link in transition out of defence. Nothing wrong being a handball king, actually a role we’re in need of. Current handball kings Crouch, Mitchell and Kennedy all clearance kings and not the greatest of kicks.


Hopefully Melbourne Demons are playing at the same time.

That’s what we copped all year.


Melbourne will play Friday night.


Clarke is a carbon copy of Seb Ross; Big, runs all day, finds it in and out, lacks damage per possession, dodgy kicking action.



Budha and Green injured as well?



More hobbled than injured


for Green it’s more Hobbit


Nah, he always runs like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Where can I see the replay?


Hind got Richmond in the End.
It turned out to be the Hind quarter.

See what I did there ?


7plus will have it up at some point


The guy can play


A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon spent at Port Melbourne. Really pleased to see the boys stand up and take advantage of some lucky opportunities and plenty of hard work. Hartley’s one on one efforts late in the game were simply fantastic. Onwards and upwards!


Just the spur he needed


Last time we played a prelim in the vfl the crowd was out of control, must have been 6k or 8k people and it was all Essendon as there were no Williamstown fans.

The we are Essendon chant was HUGE after I think hardingham put us in front.


Was that the game when Kav! was spraying shots all over the joint in the last quarter?