VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy


The game is on 7plus for anyone who wants to watch it.


Thank you my good man, though nought to do with me, these lads have got serious ticker.


We’ll be playing for our club’s first Grand Final appearance in 17 years.


Hind. Everything we want Colyer to be.


Have you got a link? Can’t find it…


A VFL player?


Hartley was enormous today.


move to vic.


Great win today, extremely happy with how we played. My only concern however would be Francis output. Hopefully Francis and the coaches take away something from the game in regards to how Richmond negated his intercept marking and rebounding in general. As he will be getting similar treatment next week and all next year in the firsts.
Looking forward to watching again next week and hopefully the week after.


I thought we adjusted well, Francis was nullified and Ridley, Zerk and Hartley stood up. The strength of having multiple interceptors at both levels is our strength.




I agree, as a team we stood up. Was more concerned with how Francis dealt with the extra attention. Don’t want to make to much of it but just hope he learns from it.


The opposition didn’t make Franga kick it out on the full four (?) times or miss HepA as the easy target on the wing twice. Or beat his man to the ball then drop the easy marks.

Don’t do that, and he’s had an alright day.


Excited to see how Franga responds next week

wish it was at the Dome though, reckon we’d play that ground well


Are there any highlights up - for people who are O/S :slight_smile:


Any chance LAV or Houlihan plays next week?


Next week - when? where? sorry, start a new thread with detail in the title. x


Not sure if serious…


It’s hilarious re-watching a tight win.

Oh look, Richmond just lost the game with that kick AGAIN.


Settle down Dave.