VFL - state game vs SANFL @ Glenelg Oval, 1:10pm Sat 6 April 2024

VFL vs SANFL back in 2024, at Glenelg this Saturday.

O’Neill and Hately our only chances. Ex-Don Snelling named for SANFL.

Game is on channel 7/7+


I had a quick look at the SA team and geez it’s weak. I know there is always a few blokes that are “rested” from these games but with only one round before selections were done it as almost like they were throwing darts.

Few names that have been good at the level, include Glenelg’s own Liam McBean, Lachie Hosie, and Woodville’s James Rowe.

South Adelaide didn’t even get one player selected!

Why on earth is this game on so early in the season?

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Gather Round?

Yep due to Gather Round.

This game will overlap with Eagles v Bin Chickens at Mount Barker (not like anyone’s going there anyway!) and finishes too close to the start of Freo and Fark Carlton (4:10pm)

Well that’s just silly.

How many Essendon players?

2! Hately and O’Neill

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Neither of them made the cut.

That is embarrassing

I feel like this game needed to be held later in the season, when we’ve seen enough of the VFL/SANFL to make a good judgement on who should be picked. It’s too early in the season for rep games.


Fairly confident that no Essendon VFL players would be selected regardless.

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Seems pretty dumb there is no reserve football this round. You would think if the seniors are playing so should the reserves. Even the state game, it’s such a strange time to have it. What’s the point?

Final score: SANFL 10.5 (65) def VFL 7.9 (51)

Disposals: Callum Brown 28, Boyd Woodcock 27, Kye Declase 20, Tom Highmore 20, Ben Jepson 19
Goals: Ned Long 2, Trent Bianco, Brayden Crossley, Hugh Dixon, Roarke Smith, Boyd Woodcock

Frank Johnson Medal: Callum Brown

Match replay: