VFL - Round 3 vs Footscray @ Marvel Stadium, 4:05pm Friday 12 April 2024

Our next actual VFL game is a curtain-raiser next Friday with the seniors (starting at 7:40pm)

For the state game on Saturday: VFL - state game vs SANFL @ Glenelg Oval, 1:10pm Sat 6 April 2024

Still looking for our first win…

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No VFL this weekend? That’s ■■■■■■!!!


Our only real chance of being remotely competitive this year would be to have an unbelievably above average luck with injury. Which would be unlike us.

We’ve obviously put fark all time into cultivating a decent VFL squad aside from maybe 4 guys (Hately, O’Neill, Eckersley and Peris) so we need to get that cluster of guys back in the next two weeks (Ridley, Durham, Shiel, Guelfi, Wanganeen) and cross our fingers from there.

(us, Dogs, a few others)

Sellers (NM) 9
Lobb (FOO) 9
Toma (ESS) 4

Woodcock (SPS) 74
Garcia (FOO) 72
Roberts (ESS) 48

Woodcock (SPS) 49
Garcia (FOO) 40
Roberts (ESS) 40

Crossley (SPS) 83
Bryan (ESS) 69
Lobb (FOO) 42

Maley (NM) 20
Lobb (FOO) 16
Roberts (ESS) 14

Sullivan (COL) 39
Garcia (FOO) 32
Scott (ESS) 22

Brew (WER) 25
Hately (ESS) 16
Garcia (FOO) 14

Let’s hope that Lobb and Garcia get picked for the seniors
Roberts deserves a debut


Recent encounters against Footscray -

Year Round H or A Scores Margin
2022 6 Away 77-90 -13

Haven’t played them since 2022, so makes it difficult to predict a result for this match.

Dylan Shiel and Tex Wanganeen expected to play this game, returning from injury.


Pretty sure Caddy is good to go aswell. Will be a more talented side than what they’ve put out in the first couple of rounds, but its more about connection. If they can link up well and put keep score board pressure on who knows what might happen.

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Level 1 GA for the VFL match only tomorrow:
Aisles 32-41

Afterwards you’ll be asked to move to level 3 if you have a GA ticket.

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A. Keath (42), J. Busslinger (5), L. Cleary (36)
HB: C. Poulter (25), C. Daniel (35), R. Gardner (43)
C: A. Jones (32), T. Bianco (58), J. Harmes (22)
HF: A. Scott (28), L. McNeil (30), J. Freijah (27)
F: J. Croft (16), D. Bedendo (26), C. Clarke (8)
R: R. Lobb (7), R. Garcia (38), D. Orgill (50)
INT: E. Hunt (56), S. Willoughby (53), C. Craig-Peters (61), P. Spicer (63), T. Maple (65)*
EMG: R. Montgomerie (51), J. Gilbee (69), K. Stretton (66), J. Kellett (57)

IN: C. Daniel, R. Gardner, C. Poulter, T. Maple
OUT: J. O’Donnell (AFL), J. Chatfield (knee), L. Smith (knee), C. Smith

M. Foley (73), W. Hoare (51), L. Hayes (18)
HB: L. Lual (34), C. Gray (81), S. McKay (80)
C: J. Hately (50), E. Tsatas (5), A. Roberts (38)
HF: T. Wanganeen (40), N. Caddy (30), J. Peris (53)
F: V. Visentini (39), S. Weideman (10), J. Davey (36)
R: N. Bryan (24), D. Shiel (9), X. O’Neill (55)
INT: T. Toma (61), B. Scott (77), R. Monti (52), J. Eckersley (58) O. Smartt (83)*
EMG: R. Brodie (60), R. Eyre (59), A. Molan (82), L. Alessio (63)

IN: D. Shiel, T. Wanganeen
OUT: A. Davey (AFL), L. Alessio


Good to see wanganeen back helps our struggling small forward stocks


I reckon Tex showed a fair bit before injuries took over. Id love to see him have a great game because with our need for his role, he could potentially be back in the seniors by Anzac day… reckon we need a bit of speed and flair in our front half.


He’s a million to one to play seniors by ANZAC day.
He’s a long shot to ever play seniors again

Excited to see Wanganeen back, hoping he gets a nice block of games in. Really need his speed and class


Bryan - Shiel - Tsatas - Hateley - O’niell is a pretty strong VFL midfield.

Downside is The Dogs have us covered on every other line.

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I guess you are refering to tex wanganeen eh? One of many who have already had him delisted/sacked/removed from club list by seasons end - very predictable.

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Reckon last time I watched an Essendon VFL game at Marvel was 2015 v Geelong.

Tippa looked a million bucks and the seniors went on to go a whole half without scoring a goal and get completely demolished.

Heres hoping J Davey plays well before the seniors get similarly smoked.


Maybe they’ll play 2 tribes

Its Marvel Stadium not the MCG