VFLW 2022 squad

Ump says Cannon is demonstrative, pays a fifty.

Long dribbling GOAL by Bendigo!


Bendigo huge clearance and ump says a Cannon fumble was deliberate out. Very bad call.

No score results from the kick next to the point post.

Long point by DiDonato.


Reese a couple critical tackles. And now a mark at fifty. Was quiet in the second half before that.

Cannon mark 35 out… point.


Manfre to Lennox in the square. Front on contact ignored.


And Lennox down, hit in the head but no free?

Orritt and Sutton busy in these closing minutes.

These umps are nuts. Calder make a clear high tackle, but get the free. Would have been a kick on goal for Bendigo from 35 out if they got it right.

Cannons 6.5.41 defeat Bendigo 5.6.36

Those last few minutes were frantic.

DiDonato wants to discuss every last moment that saw them not quite win.

Manfre helps bring the gear from the bench.

Official bests, with some AFL quality control thrown in.

Cannons: Chloe Prpic, Amy Gaylor, Olivia Manfre, Ellie Sbeghen, Reese Sutton, Player

Pioneers: Tegan Williams, Octavia Di Donato, Scarlett Orritt, Lucia Painter, Player, Drew Ryan

DiDonato topped the disposal total with 24 (in 80 minutes, so think of it as 36). She had a game-leading 9 of her team’s 31 inside fifties.

Sutton came second with 23, 10 tackles, and an early goal. She also had a game-leading 6 frees for (but also 3 against) – the umps paid 35 to Calder and 21 to Bendigo, mostly random ones involving tackles.

Orritt 14 and a game-leading 11 tackles.

Manfre 2.1, 13 disposals and a game-leading 6 marks.

Lennox 11 disposals and a goal. She’s no more a ruck than Cornish, though (despite that one lovely tap early on). Did some good things today but also a lot of “not quite” things.

(Williams features in the bests for 3 goals and 14 disposals. Sbeghen is the actual ruck for Calder.)

#2 Reese Sutton

A standout, hard-working midfielder all day, Sutton just kept cracking in for the Cannons. She converted the home side’s third goal for the day in the opening term, laying a great tackle 35m out and then nailing the set shot 10 minutes into the term. She went on to win the ball off hands really cleanly and charging forward, able to rack up the ball throughout the course of the game. Without a doubt her evasion ability at stoppages, and her defensive pressure to win the ball back is what stands out regularly, and though her execution by foot on the run could be tinkered with, she is a high metres gained player and is able to impact in that way. Finishing with 23 disposals, 10 tackles, five inside 50s and a goal, Sutton had a good day out.

#10 Olivia Manfre

A traditional forward who just has her moments, Manfre returned to the side after a VFLW dig with the Bombers. She slotted two goals in the space of a minute, both coming from impressive marks. The first was from a 45-degree angle 30m out, and the next was from the following inside 50 where she got front position and backed back to clunk the grab. Converting the set shot from 20m straight in front, she had contributed her two majors for the day, though had a couple of chances in he second half that missed under pressure.

#3 Octavia Di Donato

The cleanest player on the field quite comfortably, Di Donato quietly racked up plenty of the ball and had high impact going forward. She picked up nine inside 50s to go with her 24 disposals, and had she kicked her two goals, she not only would have been the match-winner, but also capped off a really impressive performance. Her second chance came in the final 90 seconds with a flying shot that missed, but it was her sidestep and evasion in traffic that gave the opposition Cannons midfielders headaches, showcasing her cleanliness with ball-in-hand.

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Daisy Pearce has turned us down to be our innagural AFLW coach and instead will be a Geelong mens assistant coach this year. According to the Age.

Reese Sutton named on the wing for the RookieMe Team of the Week. Di Donato named one the bench.

Calder Cannons
By: Toby Mew

The Cannons were again helped by another all-round performance, with many solid contributors across the board. Amy Gaylor was a strong influence in the midfield and defensive 50, whilst Reese Sutton continued her form with a strong tackling performance. Abbey McDonald looked strong down back aerially and at ground level in her return to the fold, while fellow midfielders Mali McLeodand Tahlia Read also racked up possessions.

TASMANIA DEVILS 2.0 | 2.0 | 4.3 | 4.3 (27)
CALDER CANNONS 1.3 | 3.4 | 3.4 | 4.7 (31)

Calder: R. Sutton, A. Gaylor, A. McDonald, M. McLeod, T. Read

Bendigo Pioneers
By: Michael Alvaro

The Pioneers were served well by some usual suspects of their own. Drew Ryan found the most ball with 22 touches, while under-ager Lucia Painter continued her remarkable form and Octavia Di Donato again stood up against stiff opposition. Inside forward 50, Tegan Williams snared a third of her side’s overall score with three behinds, and also took three marks.

BENDIGO PIONEERS 0.0 | 0.4 | 0.4 | 0.9 (9)
MURRAY BUSHRANGERS 3.6 | 3.7 | 6.9 | 6.9 (45)

Bendigo: L. Painter, O. Di Donato, D. Ryan, L. Keck, T. Williams

Western Jets
By: Michael Alvaro

It was no surprise to see Jets standouts Montana Ham and Charlotte Baskaran get on top in midfield as both players were the top two ball winners afield. The likes of Stephanie Asciak and Trinity Skenderis provided good fold at the contest, while Caitlin Sargent(two goals) again spearheaded the attack and Laura Elliott was reliable when required in defence.

WESTERN JETS 0.2 | 2.7 | 3.9 | 4.14 (38)
BRISBANE LIONS ACADEMY 0.1 | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.2 (2)

Western: M. Ham, C. Baskaran, C. Sargent, L. Elliott, S. Asciak

Sutton 20 disposals, 8 tackles, and 5 inside fifties
McDonald 17 disposals
(the two two for Calder; Gaylor also had 17)
Lennox 14, Crowley 10

Di Donato 17 and 7 tackles
Orritt 10

Asciak 15 and 5 tackles
(third for Western; Ham had 25, 10 tackles, and 3 times failed to kick the goal)