VFLW 2022 squad

A year off the right thread, but Emma Mackay is now with Darebin.

Not injured, AFAIK.

Right now she’s not in the best 5 forwards despite kicking 4 in the first two games (CBomb took her position) and she’s definitely not in the best midfield (she was tried there vs Casey in the last practice match).

Broke a chain of 21 games in a row.

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NAB League standouts this week:

Calder Cannons:

#2 Reese Sutton

Whilst Sutton struggled to make an impact with the ball in hand, she worked her way into the game courtesy of her defensive efforts. Sutton was loath to give up on a contest, with many chase down tackles resulting in some important free kicks. She also hauled in a couple of strong contested marks despite her size, demonstrating that she could get things going aerially for Calder as well. Sutton’s defensive impact was crucial as the game went on, finishing with an equal team-high 8 tackles to go with her 20 disposals.

#3 Abbey McDonald

Moved back into defence, McDonald was a strong performer as the game went on. She read the ball exceptionally in the air, rarely being beaten one-on-one. At ground level McDonald also demonstrated her contested ability, being able to get the ball forward quickly and give her defenders time to set up again. McDonald’s run and carry with the ball in hand produced some nice highlights, including a two-bounce run along the boundary followed by a neat kick down the line, hitting her target lace out.

Bendigo Pioneers:

#3 Octavia Di Donato

The Pioneers’ standout top-ager put forward her class on Sunday in little showings of smarts. She has her timing down pat and makes great decisions both with and without the ball, including little things like delaying her pick-ups when immediate tackling pressure is there, and assessing all options before kicking the ball. In a more frantic style of game, Di Donato was made to drill her kicks a touch more but generally proved effective, helping the Pioneers move into space as she featured mostly behind the ball.

EDIT: Sutton named HFF for RookieMe Team of the Week. McDonald an emergency.

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Western 5.10.40 defeated Calder 3.5.23 last night. With two rounds left, that may be enough to get Western into finals and keep the Cannons out.

Sutton topped the disposals with 26, with 8 tackles and a goal as well.

Western’s Asciak was one of their top accumulators with 17, including a game-leading 5 rebound fifties.

VIC Country vs VIC Metro is on Sunday in Ballarat. Notably shorter list of EFC-listed than last year.


Number Player DOB NAB League Region Community Club
3 Octavia Di Donato 23/02/2004 Bendigo Pioneers South Bendigo


Number Player DOB NAB League Region Community Club
2 Reese Sutton 22/06/2004 Calder Cannons Sunbury
5 Abbey McDonald 05/02/2004 Calder Cannons Sunbury

Sutton topped handballs in the NAB League this week (22!)

Abbey MacDonald wondering what she’s got herself into (Vic Metro vs Vic Country):

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After the latest setback, she was only just getting on the low-gravity runner last week. Minus 1 week on what was quoted last week makes it 2-5 weeks away.


After a quiet day, Manfre kicked the last goal with a minute to go to get the Cannons home 35-34 on the weekend. Wish I’d checked that stat before feeding balls back to her during warmup yesterday!

Lennox and Sutton also had goals to their names.

But it looks like Asciak will be our sole representative in the finals. She had 13 disposals, 6 tackles, and a goal as the Jets crushed Eastern.

Soooo… can we squeeze in the likes of a Sutton, McDonald, or Di Donato next week?

Sutton topped her game’s disposals and got chosen on the bench for the RookieMe team of the week.

I forgot they do repechage matches for non-finals teams. So the Calder girls may play Thursday night (it’s Wednesday! Where’s the team?) and the Bendigo girls on Saturday.

Named for the Cannons: McDonald, Sutton
Not named: Manfre, Lennox

Bendigo don’t play till Saturday, so no hints there.

Quoting myself from elsewhere:

Asciak with 15 disposals and 10 tackles.

The ultimate big-bodied midfielder is killing it though. Depending on who we poach, would not object to using one of our top eight picks here:

The AFL stats site has conveniently listed a bunch of late signings for us.

We knew Maykaylah Appleby and Drew Ryan already from the injury/unavailable list, but add:

Tia Davidge
Arkie Donnelly
Emily Everist
Teagan Williams

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Davidge = 168cm Bendigo Pioneer (midfielder)

Donnelly = 171cm Bendigo Pioneer (midfielder)

Everist = 177cm Bendigo Pioneer (key defender)

Williams = 178cm Bendigo Pioneer (key position utility, her name has popped up regularly in the bests)

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This morning’s warm-up featured Alana Barba.


couldnt be a relation the AFL listed HAm with those stats lol

Oops. I also missed Jayda Richardson.

Another decent height (174cm) utility from the Pioneers. She was full-back in the round 5 NAB League team-of-the-week at RookieMe.