VFLW 2022 squad

Alana must be bored as hell, turning up at Tulla to give Courtney a coffee.

Someone give the poor girl something to do while she’s there… :wink:

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More phone training:

DaniMarshall DaniMarshall DaniMarshall DaniMarshall Appleby Appleby Appleby Davidge Davidge Davidge Davidge Donnelly Donnelly Donnelly Everist Everist Everist DrewRyan DrewRyan DrewRyan Williams Williams Williams Richardson Richardson Richardson.

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Was 2.3 apiece
Then the Stingrays kicked the next 3.1
Then the Stingrays scored a further 0.7 while the Jets added 5.2 – the last goal being in the closing seconds…

Jets win 7.5.47 to 5.11.41

Asciak 14 disposals, 6 tackles, and 1 premiership medal.

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NAB League B&F top ten (two of ours up there):

Amber Clarke (Dandenong Stingrays) - 20 votes
Charlotte Baskaran (Western Jets) - 19 votes
Ava Jordan (Northern Knights) - 14 votes
Bridget Deed (Eastern Ranges) - 10 votes
Reese Sutton (Calder Cannons) - 9 votes
Meghan Gaffney (Tassie Devils) - 8 votes
Zarlie Goldsworthy (Murray Bushrangers) - 8 votes
Sara Howley (Geelong Falcons) - 8 votes
Stephanie Asciak (Western Jets) - 7 votes
Sarah Hosking (Dandenong Stingrays) - 7 votes
Isabelle Khoury (Eastern Ranges) - 7 votes

RookieMe ranked Sutton similarly.

1 Zarlie Goldsworthy (Murray Bushrangers) 34 votes
2 Charlotte Baskaran (Western Jets) 32 votes
3 Lou Painter (Bendigo Pioneers) 26 votes
4 Montana Ham (Western Jets) 25 votes
5 Bridget Deed (Eastern Ranges) 23 votes
6 Reese Sutton (Calder Cannons) 22 votes
6 Claire Ransom (Tasmania Devils) 22 votes
8 Ash Centra (Gippsland Power) 21 votes
10 Amber Clarke (Dandenong Stingrays) 20 votes
10 Olivia Robinson (Dandenong Stingrays) 20 votes
10 Sofia Hurley (Sandringham Dragons) 20 votes

Reese is the sister of VFL listed Jake Sutton too :smiley:

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VIC Country got destroyed by SA.

The good news was Teagan Williams kicked 2 of the 3 VIC goals, and Di Donato was also in the bests.

South Australia blow Vic Country away in U18 Championships

Nicole Julian is 30yo today.

I bet Reese didn’t get a free for being held by QLD yesterday – she’l fit right in.

VIC Metro won comfortably (albeit very inaccurately), with Sutton named their third best.

Another added played revealed via the injury list!

Tahlia is a Calder Cannon. 168cm forward-mid.

Stupid autocorrect!

Saw Simone Nalder’s (Paisley) Facebook page for the first time today, and at 186cm she only just escaped being the shortest of the bridal party!



Can’t find the actual playing list (the one on womens.afl next to the stream is obviously incomplete) but our Emily Everist just kicked a goal.

Add Baillie-McDonald to those playing.


I think Sutton is playing forward for the U23s (the short blonde in #16).

:heart::heart::heart: … but who is #48?

Happy birthday to Bella Clarke (21).

Tomorrow is the big 2-0 for Renee Tierney.

And Friday is the big 3-0 for Georgia Nanscawen.

@simmo41 reckons Liz Hosking will peak at 26yo next Monday, too.

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