VFLW - practice match vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 11:30pm Saturday 27 April 2019

No idea who’s playing.

Let’s hope we don’t have the second year blues…

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Turn up; 40-plus Bombers warming up/training, no sign of Collingwood. Looked like a few Tiwi women were in the extra group.

Hird Stand not yet open.

Yep, Collingwood haven’t turned up. Red versus black. Well, that massively increases the number of players I don’t know…

According to VFL app game starts at 2pm.

Oops my mistake, that’s the men’s VFL

@Catherine_Lio says jumper presentation will be this week.

6 Quigley and 1 Ugle are red and black captains.

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This may surprise you but Bullas had the first tackle.

One of the chunkier Tiwis (17) squashes Ugle.


Tall Tiwi in 42 nice contested mark on the wing.

I’ve got a playing list!! Who says the board doesn’t serve the members?

41 Rina Moreen (Tiwi) marks and set shot poster

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Red lead 1-0

Steph Hird is a red forward! Marks but kick falls short of goal.

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42 Tiwi in black is a Peter Paul and Mary!!!


17 Jessica Stasi snap shot from thirty out, touched on the line. BOG so far.

And she’s got another set shot now.

3-0 to red.

They’ve been dominating but black go full length to a Moreau mark. And goal, just before the siren.

Red trails 0.3 to 1.0.6 (guess who I’m barracking for)

Apparently Collingwood piked out on Thursday. Couldn’t find enough people who wanted to play for them…

Hird tackled high in range… BANG!

9-6 red lead

Rina Moreen the star there; tap-out, follow on and kick.


Puruntatameri is ruck but roves the throw-in; kicks forwards to Dematteo.


Red trail 9-12

Heil is full back for red.

Red goal from the pocket; not sure how, I was distracted by a discussion about ■■■■ umpires.

And immediately afterwards another goal to red Tiwi 42 Dominko.

Red lead 21-12

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And Stassi in the pocket again! Mark and goal!


Tiwis dominating this. Don’t go home!!!

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Marianna Anthony does a Shiel: bursts from the pack, beats chasers… and rubbish kick.

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Stassi roves throw-in, snap… point.

28-12 red lead

Kirby Hicks in black sent off for the blood rule. Time keeps ticking away.