VFLW - practice match vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 11:30pm Saturday 27 April 2019


That quarter went 15:15

Red lead 4.4.28 to 2.0.12

I thought Black might be the stronger team (#1 ruck in Nalder, #1 player in Bullas) but nope.

Our actual captain (Williams) is here but not playing.


Girls have to stay on the field for half-time (won’t last twenty minutes) as the boys have now claimed the rooms.

Though we have three rooms at least? Main stand, away team in the Cookson, plus the Hall of Fame area.


There were some late switches in the teams: e.g. Hird to red.


Was that something you read or something you heard?


Is James there?


I have a playing list: Hird was “home” team but switched.


Loving Moreen’s attack on the ball.


Fifty to red versus Bullas. No damage done.


Happy to see Bullas is back.


Red full forward is April Lewis. Opposed to Chloe Laan, who played for us in the second half of last year.


Ugle having a hard day. Pinged sitting on it.


Umpires killing us even in an intraclub

It never ends


Kendra with the big intercept mark rebound for red.


Puruntatameri runs thirty metres breaking two tackles. Got away with no bounce.


Stephanie gets fifty to shoot from forty out. Doesn’t have the range.

All our top players involved in a contest on the ring. Bullas wins with the tackle.


We have one boundary umpire for the whole ground. She misses one that lands on the line.


Hi @theDJR. Are the Tiwi players on our list or have they just been brought in to make up the numbers for a practice game?


Moreau has been stuck forward all day.


Most/all of them are visiting :frowning:


Huh. Scoreless quarter, somehow.