VFLW - practice match vs Pies @ Windy Hill, 11:30pm Saturday 27 April 2019

And we’re done. Was three thirds.

Good chance they’ll put up a video of the post-match speech to the collective group.

Red win 4.4.28 to 2.0.12

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Thanks radio DJR

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That’s a bummer, man…

Seriously, the Tiwi girls were the stars of this game (though Stassi faded late, is not a lightweight).

Kendra Heil was dynamic in defence.

Thirteen of the more senior players now doing laps.


A few players switched, but here’s who played today – thanks to @Catherine_Lio

You can guess from this some changes to the final squad (e.g. #1 Trend not coming back from Norf’s AFLW team).


I wonder why they gave Stephanie Hird No.5 guernsey to wear?:thinking:

Remember that we had quite a few players not participating too :slight_smile:

Goals in order of occurrence: Hird, Moreau, DeMatteo, ?red?, Dominko, Stassi

The last two being Tiwis.

Numbers not used today that were used last year:

12 Kearney - veteran ruck
16 Morecroft - veteran KPP
19 Winbanks - young ruck
22 McDonald - key defender
32 Mackrill - moved to Sydney :rage:
34 Punton - didn’t play last year?
40 Golds - well, sorry, but she was not very good
43 Ponter - the big question???
45 Flack - yet another tall player (181)

What not even the umpires

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