VFLW - Round 1 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Look for it at:

The VFL team play afterwards, and that will also be streamed.


No draper, no LAV


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No Draper and No Lav make scotty21 somthing somthing


Damn you DJR

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2 threads @theDJR ???

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Come on DJR. Pull it together.


Harsh. It’s not like I’m @Stallion, who looks at the women in the big picture and then sooks about how LAV isn’t playing in that game.


Come hang out and have a meal at our double header this Saturday.

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B: 7. K. Hicks, 11. M. Warburton, 29. C. Laan
HB: 18. K. Heil, 27. A. Morcom, 21. K. McFadyen
C: 28. R. Svarc, 39. M. Fogas, 1. C. Ugle
HF: 25. L. Stepnell, 23. M. Collier, 24. S. Wilson
F: 3. M. DeMatteo, 38. E. Gogerly, 40. A. Moreen

R: 30. S. Nalder, 22. N. MacDonald, 8. H. Bullas

Int: 13. S. Audley, 2. I. Currenti, 43. G. Nanscawen, 4. A. Saundry

23P: 31. J. Stassi <-- bold means an excitement machine

Emg: 45. E. Ashley-Cooper, 15. L. Caruso, 33. E. Hosking, 14. T. Zagontinos


Casey Demons

B: 50. G. McLean, 13. K. Smith, 15. T. Tatterson
HB: 34. A. Kirkwood, 7. B. Jakobsson, 8. S. Lampard
C: 23. E. Birch, 16. M. Hogg, 22. M. Guerin
HF: 42. H. Bailey, 29. E. Zanker , 11. C. Emonson
F: 24. N. Garner, 40. H. Dyson, 27. B. Winbanks

R: 38. K. Bentvelzen , 41. R. Edmeades, 47. K. Guttridge

Int: 48. E. Archer, 9. A. Johnson, 32. A. McDonough, 54. K. Oates

23P: 46. B. Pratt

Emg: 57. L. Davies, 51. A. Francese, 37. T. Nash, 62. G. Speedy

Casey Radio will also be covering this game: FM97.7, online at caseyradio.com.au, or in the VFL or Tune In Radio apps.

They will hang around for the VFL game too.

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Debuting for us are:

  • 28 Ruby Svarc – 26yo on the wing, and I steal from Bigfooty: “Nippy little winger and a lovely girl too. Played at my club last year and got best on in the Granny, as well as finishing 1 vote off winning the league bnf.”
  • 39 Maighan Fogas – 24yo in the middle, from Geelong AFLW squad. Came second in Geelong’s VFLW best and fairest in 2018.
  • 25 Lori Stepnell – 24yo, had an eight goal game in the AFL Goldfields comp last year
  • 24 Sian Wilson – 26yo. 12 years ago she was the youngest player in the Under 18 Interstate Challenge. Over 100 games at Melbourne Uni, including as part of the VFLW.
  • 38 Erin “Everywhere” Gogerly – 24yo who won the Fitzroy B&F last year
  • 40 Arthurina Moreen – 19yo and a skinny 178cm; in the Tiwi Bombers best 8 of 18 games last year, including a six goal haul.
  • 13 Shae Audley – 31yo Diamond Creek and Fark Carlton AFLW midfielder
  • 2 Isabel Currenti – 27yo from Geelong VFLW
  • 43 Georgia Nanscawen – youngest woman to play 100 games for the Hockeyroos. Coming from the Norf AFLW team.
  • 4 Alexandra Saundry – 27yo key position defender from GWS AFLW; also a big-time player manager but I’m not going to mention who with because it will get her booed.
  • 31 Jessica Stassi – @Reboot will classify her as the female TIPPA and undraftable, so get on the bandwagon now or miss out.

Some pretty good history there, and most with stacks of experience.

The emergencies include another three newbies:

  • 45 Eloise Ashley-Cooper – 18yo “classy defender” who has held leadership roles at junior levels. Goes forward to kick goals too. BOG in a Shepparton grand final last year.
  • 33 Elizabeth Hosking – 24yo from Canberra
  • 14 Tessa Zagantinos – I got nothing.

That took way too long to compile.

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Arthurina ‘Rina’ Moreen was the designer of our AFL Dreamtime jumper in 2018. One very talented person.


Wispy cloud and some wind to the school end today. Ground is dry despite the torrent yesterday; I imagine the middle is a bit squidgy though…

Skeeta is here.

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Seems pretty much the whole squad is here, plus extras such as Hardy and Williams from last year (I believe the former has a coaching role).

Banner! Full width, half height.

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Now, need to do some more numbers memorisation…

How good is the banner!!!