VFLW - Round 1 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Screams from below as the team fire up.

Someone can’t find the song to play…

Hird Stand not yet open.

Casey wearing surrender white.

I reckon Skeeta has individually greeted every single person by now.

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We won the toss.

Good signs

C-Bomb heads to the coaches box.

We’re kicking to the school end. Two Tiwis await at full-forward and forward pocket.


Bullas gets the first clearance of the year.

Hird stand open

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Kendra Heil big tackle down back. She’s joined by 4 Saundry, who is solid.

Stassi collects thirty out and unselfishly tried to pass to her partner-in-crime. Damn, a waste.

Moreen is glued to the goal square.

Big smother by Chloe Laan down back.

Casey been alright by foot so far… except when they kick it out of bounds.

Jess Stassi slipped on the turf and is being helped off.



I feel sorry for these kids. No matter how well they play they are never considered for the senior team.

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Oh, it’s womens footy - disregard.

Stepnell swapped to full forward.

And fumbles her mark twenty out.

But back in, pressure on, it spills to Collier and she snaps it from the behind post!



Casey also got an ankle injury, it seems.