VFLW - Round 1 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed


Three minutes left for the quarter.


Wilson reported for a sweet hip-and-shoulder down the middle of a Casey defender. Didn’t look to be high and the ball was right there.


Nalder intercept mark in the closing seconds — but the kick falls just short from forty-five out.


The wind is worth a bit, but is 45 degrees across the ground (the usual pool-to-croquet arrangement).


Stassi checking ankle at the huddle; probably done for the day. I guess she’s not the female TIPPA after all; he copped one injury in three years of VFL, and that was when he was deliberately targeted and slammed into the ground.


Stats like clearances and entries are near identical.


But we’re +7 on contested possessions.

1-2-3 Bombers!


Saundry is smaller than Morecroft but seems a valid replacement. Laan at full back and was good in that first quarter.


Bullas first clearance again.


Ugle in it early this quarter.


Jess up and about, might be able to go back on


DeMatteo hit on the ■■■■ on the lead. Purely factual statement, that.


Somehow fails from thirty out.

Fogas snap point.

7-0 we lead


Nawscawen been good pushing up to the midfield for us.


Fogas got her right calf trod on? Walks then jogs off.


how come you can post more than 3 times in a row djr?


Stepnell has a big boot. Into the goal square from fifty, and Casey panic and drag Shae Audley to the ground way after the ball spilled free.




Moreen into ruck, gets hurt.


Casey clear, mark and goal.



Moreen finally up… and ready for the next centre contest.


Molly Warburton and Kat McFayden been busy. Combine on the wing.