VFLW - Round 1 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Great defence by Kirby Hicks again.

Hmm :thinking: these names are unfamiliar but if they can play, please elevate to senior men’s team!!

Phew. Bad bounce costs Casey a goal.


Moreen makes a bullet pass to a lead. All the skillz.

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Fogas running point from the boundary.


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Four minutes left. Need another goal.

MUCH LATER EDIT: I hate being right.

Currienti a clunk pack mark on the wing.

Kat McFayden saves us again. Twice.

Bullas very obviously holds her opponent’s jumper with seconds left. Luckily the free kick falls short.

4.2.26 leads 2.3.15 at three quarter time.

Wind is getting stronger (intermittently) but still is angled across the ground.

I’ve just realised 27 for Casey, who is killing it, is Bribie Winbacks. She was on our list last year, argh. Very young and very tall.

1-2-3 Bombers!

Let’s bring this home!

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Moreen starts on the bench.

Bullas FAILED to get the first clearance.

But we did.

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I thought 27 for them looked familiar. She is having a great game.

Ruby has pace to burn.

Stepnell is good too, centres the ball from the pocket to…


She took a nice tap from Collier and slammed it through from fifteen out.

32-15 with 16 minutes left.


Stepnell good vision too

Saundry big intercept mark then we go sideways and fark it all up.


Casey get the following centre clearance and bomb it from just inside the centre square. It flies long and bounces through. Blooody wind!

32-27 with 12 minutes to go