VFLW - Round 1 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 11:30am Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed


Kirby Hicks and Kendra Heil are comforting people to have on the last line.

And to be contrary, then Kirby panics and scoops a ball at the top of their goal square. Rightfully pinged.

13-12 with four minutes left to half-time.


Sensational tackle from behind by Bullas in the middle is rewarded.

Stassi is back on!


We clear the fifty of non-Tiwis. Now gotta get it there.


Pressure forces Casey to miss the goals entirely.




So, stream watchers: was that tackle and free with seconds left a Hartley clone from last week? Looked suss to me!

Ump hands Casey a 2.2.14 lead over our 2.1.13 at half time.


Free kick high
Umpire had no idea how to line the player up on the angle
Moved her too much inboard.


very high


Looks like the boys got kicked out of the rooms this time.


Wasn’t that turned off, or is it RHIP?

(Rank Has Its Priveleges)




14 VFL players out on the ground. Begley is one of them but no Langford.


I hope all you guys run out of likes and I get to LIKE your complaints.


I’m conservative with my likes.


And yes, Bullas with the first clearance again. Wasn’t good though; the ball barely dribbled off the foot.


Casey drop ball, gets free kick


Ugle filling a gap down back.



That started with a huge burst through the middle by Ruby Svarc. Moreen centred from the pocket.



Morcom marks a very high ball. Lovely pass to DeMatteo; Monique initially fails, but on her third involvement of the play she GOALS!

Two in a row to power thighs #3!