VFLW - Round 1 vs Dawks @ Windy Hill, 1pm Sunday 6 May 2018

And… here… we… go!


I was going to keep more details under my hat, but will announce now since DJR has started the thread…

The Essendon v Hawthorn VFLW match will be both a radio broadcast and video stream on Sunday.

The radio broadcast will begin at 12pm and air on RSN Carnival digital radio in Melbourne, via the RSN Racing and Sport App, and via the RSN927 website (look for the digital radio tab).

The video stream (which will take the radio commentary) will begin just before the bounce at 1pm, and will be on the VFL Website, via the VFL app, and via YouTube if you search for AFL Victoria.

I hope to have coach Brendan Major on during the pre-game show and can throw him some of your questions if you have any.

Also, I’ve just had a good half-hour interview with Essendon VFLW captain Lisa Williams. Her interview will be on RSN Carnival at 6pm on Wednesday, and then available as a podcast from late Thursday morning (I’ll post the link here when up).


How exciting for those women to be part of the inaugural team.
5. Hird
13. Long

Great work.

DJRadio has some competition.


Is the list up yet?

Already in other post:


Has @DJR confirmed he will be there?
Great that it has the VFL stream, average that Essendon are not streaming it.

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You wouldn’t happen to like HOT CHIPS by any chance WARFRadio?



FWIW, for the moment I see no VFLW radio/video links in the new app (see other thread). There are some in the VFL area of the same app.

Should we expect them to pop up later in the week?

Was just confirming our broadcast details with them this afternoon, so I expect in the next couple of days for that to appear in their app… fingers crossed.

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If you click under broadcasts in the VFL app, then select VFLW it should have the ‘remind’ options for both the radio broadcast and video stream of the game.

This is amazing.

Great news.

You’ll have no Hird and no Long, and you’ll like it.

(Not a great surprise.)

B: 14. J. Barker, 16. L. Morecroft, 27. A. Morcom
HB: 26. A. Madden, 7. K. Hicks, 25. R. Neaves
C: 1. J. Trend, 8. H. Bullas, 9. L. Williams
HF: 35. V. Moreau, 6. A. Quigley, 43. D. Ponter
F: 3. M. DeMatteo, 30. S. Nalder, 4. N. Hardy

R: 12. B. Kearney, 32. T. Mackrill, 37. I. Malliaras

Int: 20. J. Anwyl, 40. G. Golds, 21. K. McFadyen, 10. D. Pedersen

23P: 15. L. Caruso

Emg: 49. E. Bult, 18. K. Heil, 22. N. MacDonald, 46. C. Ugle

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Current or former AFLW players running out for Essendon VFLW in Round 1…
Lauren Morecroft (ex-Bulldogs), Rebecca Neaves (ex-Bulldogs), Lisa Williams (ex-Bulldogs), Tait Mackrill (GWS Giants).

Hawthorn’s team (current or former AFLW in bold)…

B: 21. P. Randall, 22. T. Luke, 31. J. Sibley
HB: 13. E. Nixon, 25. M. Hutchins, 36. J. Van Dyk
C: 14. O. Flanagan, 1. E. Mackie, 9. M. Kuys
HF: 6. J. Crockett-Grills, 28. S. Perkins, 35. C. O’Donnell
F: 33. E. Gilder, 7. P. McWilliams, 12. T. Nestor
R: 19. L. Wotton, 17. S. David, 4. S. Carroll
Int: 24. R. Dillon, 34. A. Dowler, 16. C. Papadopoulos, 15. S. Yule
Emg: 18. J. Foster, 11. D. Haines, 39. S. McNamara, 29. A. Tanner
23P: 26. C. Dyett

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Play Long and Hird you bastards.

I blame Worsfold.


I wonder how much experience they have at playing Australian rules and whether they would fall into the development category. In my experience the Dads tend to play footy with the sons. Playing tennis as your main sport would not be much of a basis for a team sport.
I would not expect them to come out as stars in the short term, much as I would love to see them out there on game day.

Forecast is for a sunny day and a top of 21… so come on down to Windy Hill!