VFLW - Round 1 vs Footscray @ The Hangar, 12:30PM Saturday 12 Feb 2022 - broke lots of records AND the ladder

With at least @PH_WARFRadio and Radio 3DJR covering it.

Youtube stream will be happening (link will be somewhere below).

Hopefully live stats.


and special comments from the Hof (may or may not be footy related).


And random yelling by me, VFLW super fan.


Looking forward to it with much anticipation.

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So spontaneous and natural…

… but self-aware, so OK.

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Game is now 12:30. Come down and cheer on our goals in their first game of the season :slight_smile:

HAHAHA goals. Girls. But also goals. Clearly something on my mind when i posted this.

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I liked the last game, when we kicked ALL OF THE GOAL.

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Can confirm that not only will we have a radio stream through WARFRadio.com for the game…

And for those at the ground (Hi @theDJR) will we have a delay free feed on 89.1 FM

BUT ALSO, the league will stream every VFLW this season! Saturday’s game will be via YouTube.

*Each week 5 games on YouTube, with one match of the round streamed via AFL.com.au


Fantastic news!

May we always be on YouTube, because 1) it works and 2) you can watch it later.

Have you heard anything re: live stats?


The opponents:

They have a new coach at the helm this season, with former AFLW star and current Bulldog’s AFLW assistant coach Kirby Bentley taking over from Sean Kavanagh .

“It’s been good, it’s been interesting,” Bentley said. “Obviously I’m a development coach in the AFLW and late comer to coaching in the VFL. Getting to know 61, 62 girls has been big but the club is very inclusive in everything they do and how they go about their business and building that support and sense of belonging is invaluable.”

Bentley is in a unique situation amongst her VFLW coaching colleagues, as she is also an assistant coach with the Bulldog’s AFLW side.

Despite the obvious challenges, it is clear she’s loving the challenge of both roles.

“I go to W and I can speak openly and bounce off other coaches and learn from them, she said. “They’ve obviously got their styles and however they want to implement their coaching styles in their lines, and Burkey [ Nathan Burke ] again he’s different. So the four of us complement each other and then Burkey on top of that kind of oversees it all. So the responsibilities are just different and coming into VFL I can be myself, kind of implement what I see would add value to the program, so it’s a nice thing to be able to transition between the two.“

Back as captain this year is Riley Christgoergl, who noted where things went wrong for her side in 2021.

“As a team I think we took a while to get our stride in the early half of the season,” Christgoergl said. “We’re just trying to get that good start right and get that intent really right from the start, and just make tweaks as we go along and change things in a rapid way which we have been able to do even throughout the preseason.”

Looking ahead to 2022, Bentley said that preseason had gone well, and noted how well some cross coders had slotted into the program.

“There’s a few new girls that have come in, cross coders, volleyball ones, netball and yeah I think they’re going to be exciting to watch,” she said. “ Jaimee-Lee [Morrow] is a volleyballer and she’s taking it on pretty quickly and Lauren [Clymo] ’s our netballer. So, both rucks but I think if we coach them right, if we do it well enough they’ll pick up anywhere I think.”

Christgeorgl noted how physically tough the preseason had been, but was full of praise for her teammates.

“Preseason’s been really good. We had a really tough preseason in terms of pushing ourselves fitness wise, it’s certainly the toughest preseason I’ve done in any sport,” she said. “Caleb our strength and conditioning coach has been really focused on getting us extremely game fit and being one of the fittest sides in the comp and the girls have worked so hard in that. No standouts, they’ve all worked so hard and kept each other accountable. Even when we had a break, even over the holidays they all got it done, so couldn’t be more proud of them.”

The Bulldogs have had a bit of a unique and tough preseason as compared to other clubs. The Covid outbreak that swept through the club’s AFLW program also affected their VFLW side.

“So, a couple of our girls not only got Covid,” said Bentley. “The challenge of then returning is a lot harder. The girls are also filling up to the AFLW program and that again is another challenge too. The protocols around testing and making sure that we’re doing the right thing, we’re accessing different parts of the community differently, which then plays a big part. So I think it’s been a challenge but they’ve managed it very well considering.”

This Covid chaos had an impact on the preseason practice matches the Bulldogs were able to play.

Unfortunately for them their first scheduled match against Geelong was cancelled, but they had a hit out against North Melbourne which did get underway.

Bentley said her side competed well, and although North did kick five goals against the Dogs, Bentley felt that the score didn’t represent the way that her side played.

Bentley’s ultimate goal for her side for this season is pretty straightforward.

“Just to see the girls learn and grow, but in the sense that they can self teach,” she said.” So instead of me telling them this is what they should be doing whatever else if I just equip them with the right amount of tools that they can then play the game and make adjustments themselves and trust that it’s the right thing at that time.”

Christgeorgl was on a similar wavelength to her coach.

“I think to just develop every player in a way that they can look back at preseason last year to the end of the year and go ‘Wow I am almost a different footballer because I’ve developed and I’ve improved and I’ve learned so much’,” she said. “So, I love winning games as much as everyone, you know, love to win a premiership cup, but I think for us it’s more about getting that development and making sure that everyone in the squad is getting that development.”

Nothing yet on the live stats front.

B 16. T. Crook 21. A. Morcom
BH 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 13. E. Hosking 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 9. M. Anthony 18. K. Heil
HF 22. N. MacDonald 20. C. McIntosh 24. R. Tierney
F 10. E.Cornish 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S. Nalder 3. S. Ford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 14. D. Marshall 1. C. Ugle 23. A. Radford 44. G. Dicker 7. J. Davies
EMG 12. I. Currenti 46. G. Elarmaly 15. L.Caruso 2. M. Trethowan 34. R. McDonagh

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B 54. M. Freeman 31. N. Wright
BH 53. E. Vale 56. E. Huggard 59. M. McSweeney
C 49. L. Bibby 55. L. Schneider 42. M. Purcell
HF 61. A. Xanthos 39. M. Sandral 32. M. Lister
F 60. L. Clymo 46. B. Hards
R 51. R. Christgoergl 38. J. Morrow 45. M. Barnes
INT 47. C. Pittard 64. K. Smyth 63. S. Trim 65. A. Gray 41. B. Gretch
EMG TBC S. Perret TBC. E. Pollard

Where did you get the teams from, @PH_WARFRadio?

I see a handful of teams released them directly, but not EFC or FFC.

Email from the league to the media.

There will be an article soon on the AFL/VFL website with the teams and previews.

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Now officially out. As you might expect, the AFL’s text and graphical teams differ… but at least they’re not sorted numerically this time.

Nanscawen rucking… AFL, pls, you are clowns who hate quality control.

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Caruso (probably, is an emergency) denied game #25.

In possible order of significance to the team:

Out In Comment
Tahlia Gillard Eleanor Cornish ruck downgrade
Emilia Yassir Danielle Marshall Remember last year when we liked bombing forward to Yassir? I try not to.
Georgie Prespakis Jordan Zanchetta Jordan is big-bodied for her height
Alana Barba Sarah Ford Prob not as good a forward option, but she mids OK
Zali Friswell Renee Tierney Kicked two goals in our last game… against us
Kasey Lennox Nicole Julian KPD swap (Julian is much shorter, but uses her body better)
Ruby Svarc Amelia Radford All I ask for is clean hands and disposal.

Biggest significance: NO FREW!

(Gardner at FB is the other obvious regular not featured. Not far away.)

VFL app has updated, includes stream links at each game. Otherwise go here:

No teams or indications of stats in the app.

Hopefully stats will appear at:

Yes, the teams there are botched; remove a back pocket and a forward pocket and you can work out the 16 on field, 5 on the bench, and 5 emergencies.