VFLW - Round 11 vs Norf @ The Hangar, 11am Sun 4 June 2023

History (the first two games are vs Melb Uni, who were babysitting Norf AFLW players at the time)

Year For Against Result
2018 28 36 -8
2019 40 27 13
2021 25 29 -4
2022 88 14 74
  • Game 1: don’t remember
  • Game 2: The ground is a mud heap. Jess Stassi kicks TWO goals of the round. Someone called Fede Frew debuts in the midfield.
  • Game 3: sooooooooooo frustrating. 3.7.25 loses to 4.5.29 at the death. Dojiok stars at CHB for them, and this game is why I’m still so frustrated at her NOT going on to be a star. Also:
  • Game 4: didn’t attend this one due to COVID. Alana Barba returns from her AFLW stint at the Gold Coast, helps out during warmup, and is shortly back playing for us. Frew and CBomb kick four goals each, the latter right on the final siren.

Stats Leaders (leaders, us, Norf, maybe a few others).

Apart from goals, the numbers below are averages… but the rankings are sorted by totals.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 26.5
8 - Annabel Scott (Norf) 18.6

1 - Sarah Cameron (Willy) 13
2 - 2 players including DeMatteeeeeeeoooooo 10
4 - Emily Paterno (Norf) 9

1 - Maddie Boyd (Hawks) 5.6

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 10.5

1 - Angelica Gogos (Darebin) 17

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 11.3
9 - Aubrey Rhodes (Norf) 7.7

1 - Kate Dud(ley) (Port) - 29.8
6 - Jess Jones (Norf) 20.6

Norf only played 2 AFLW players in last weekend’s game (Charlie Granville and Sophia McCarthy). They had a total of 5 disposals between them, so Norf should not be hurt much by having a VFLW-only list to name against us.

All of their stats leaders above are VFLW-listed.

More worryingly for them, they failed to kick a goal in the last 63 minutes of their match vs the Hawks.

Norf did a real article on their loss, with quotes and stuff.

by Luke Macquire

An inaccurate afternoon in front of goal has seen North Melbourne’s VFLW team fall to Box Hill at Arden Street Oval, 1.5 (11) to 5.3 (33).

Looking for their fifth win of the season, the Kangaroos were switched on early with Audrey Rhodes, Madisen Maguire and Ciara Fitzgerald setting the tone across all three lines, but as time went on it was the Hawks who were able to gain control of the contest and make the most of their chances.

“The end result was really disappointing,” VFLW coach Steph Binder told NMFC Media.

"We started off well and took a lead into quarter-time, but I guess it was a tale of our first and third quarters against our second and fourth quarters … and Box Hill just got on top of us (in that second term).

"Going into the third quarter we got back to playing the brand of footy that we want, we were able to generate time in forward half that we couldn’t capitalise on … but we had some really good looks to try and put a bit of scoreboard pressure on.

"We weren’t able to take that momentum into the final term and we just seemed to go back into our shells and play the game in straight lines instead of trying to shift the ball to the open side.”

North Melbourne snagged the first goal of the day 16 minutes into the first term through a tremendous Georgia Nicholas effort and long-range attempt, but it was cancelled out just a minute into the second quarter by Box Hill’s Mietta Kendall.

Under immense pressure in the backline following Kendall’s major, it was Dalia Edward (13 disposals, two clearances) and Teagan Bradley (16, four marks) who stood tall for the Kangaroos, but late goals to Sarah Humm and Gabrielle Collingwood saw the visitors head into the main change with an 11-point advantage.

Looking for an answer to Box Hill’s three consecutive goals, the Roos asserted themselves at the beginning of the second half and managed to lock the ball inside forward-50 for the majority of the third quarter.

The perceived dominance didn’t amount to much though as Binder’s side could only muster four straight behinds.

Repeat entries for the Hawks in the match’s final 20 minutes saw the Roos pinned back and unable to generate any attack of their own, ultimately leaving them with a 22-point defeat.

On a positive note, midfielder Jennifer Guy made her long-awaited return to the field after knee and shoulder injuries to finish with 16 disposals and eight tackles.

“It was really good to have Jen back out there. She’s one of our Tassie players and last season she went down with an ACL injury, so she’s been working hard back home with her rehab,” Binder mentioned.

"We were really happy for her. She adds a different dimension to our midfield so it’s good to have her bursting through packs again.”

Clever defender Fitzgerald was one of North Melbourne’s best afield collecting 18 disposals and three tackles, while ruck Jess Jones (15, 28 hitouts) and onballer Annabel Scott (20, five clearances) worked hard in the engine room.

NORTH MELBOURNE 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 (11)
BOX HILL 0.0 3.0 3.1 5.3 (33)

GOALS: Nicholas

BEST: Fitzgerald, Jones, Scott, McDonald, Bradley, Maguire

Training photos by Nigel Barrie at:


His practice of overlapping photos is very annoying.

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Teams for this Sunday…


So Prpic replaces Orritt as midfield/half-back option, and we downsize our Bateman.

This will be Lily’s official debut – she played in both practice matches earlier this year. IIRC, she was wing/half-back.

The Norf outs were their two remaining AFLW players.

Norf article says:

They have been replaced by the Felicity Theodore, who missed last week’s loss to Box Hill with illness, and Round 10 emergency Zara Flanigan.

You’re no Langford, ex-Bomber Felicity (9 games and 5 goals as a forward pocket in 2019 and 2021).

Bateman was named in the back pocket for the 2022 EDFL Premier Division team of the year.

(Manfre as leading goal-kicker was FF. Norf’s Emily Paterno was CHF. Lauren Caruso was on the bench.)

After their loss today, the blue is what is needed tomorrow to be a game AND percentage ahead of the Hawks, with three games to go.


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Cool to mild temp + light wind* + sun out = great** day for footy!

*from the east!
**if you like dew. VFL game will be dry.


“Let’s do it, big dog” Ryan screams at Ure before bumping warmup.

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Lingering fog, almost no breeze

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All named present in warmup, plus Orritt.

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The skills of LilyBateman are clean.

LilyBateman LilyBateman LilyBateman LilyBateman

Defenders: Hurrell LilyBateman Molan MadGray plus Tamsin BellaClarke

Forwards: Ryan MFord Mia Chaston Manfre Wilson… stop me if you’ve heard that list before.

Mids: everyone else including emergency Orritt.

Even by her own standards, MegRyan is very loud today.