VFLW - Round 14 vs Footscray @ Footscray, 4pm Saturday 10 August 2019 - streamed

Game will be video streamed by the VFL with SEN commentary.

It’s part of a three game sequence vs Footscray, with the VFL (also streamed) earlier at 1pm and the AFL at Docklands at 7:25pm (not freely available).

Footscray have come off a bye and prior to that had the second-biggest VFLW score of the year (91 versus NT). But they’re not as good as the Saints we played last week, so let’s roll them.

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Skip past the team to the very last name… I guess at least we get the best 18yo in the country playing for us again? She better blooody feature in Plays of the Week.

B: 18. K. Heil, 7. K. Hicks, 24. S. Wilson
HB: 42. A. Barba, 10. E. Cornish, 11. M. Warburton
C: 33. E. Hosking, 46. L. Ahrens, 28. R. Svarc
HF: 23. M. Collier, 39. M. Fogas, 5. C. McIntosh
F: 6. A. Quigley, 25. L. Stepnell, 41. F. Theodore

R: 30. S. Nalder, 43. G. Nanscawen, 13. S. Audley

Int: 45. E. Ashley-Cooper, 3. M. DeMatteo, 17. F. Frew, 38. E. Gogerly

23P: 44. G. Patrikios

Emg: 35. M. Anthony, 22. N. MacDonald, 20. A. Madden, 48. K. Petrevski

In: E. Gogerly, N. MacDonald, G. Patrikios, F. Theodore, A. Madden, K. Petrevski

Out: C. Laan, J. Stassi

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B: 48. K. Betts, 35. S. Ruedin, 11. L. Spark
HB: 16. N. Ferres, 39. M. Sandral, 19. A. Guest
C: 45. V. Laloifi, 36. A. Gogos , 6. K. McLeod
HF: 56. E. Georgostathis, 7. D. Berry , 33. S. Jolly
F: 1. B. Lochland, 44. M. Ward, 53. D. Marshall

R: 13. C. Moody, 2. E. Blackburn, 43. E. Gavalas

Int: 34. E. Mackay, 47. N. McMahon, 57. S. Molan, 17. H. Wildes

23P: 58. E. Wood

Emg: 29. J. Davies, 32. T. Dinuccio, 31. A. Gunn, 41. A. Scott

During the break between games, it’s time for some hot chips a ham/cheese/salad sandwich from home.


Rain held off for the entire VFL game. It’s started, lightly, now.

This game will be a farce when it finishes ten minutes after the sun goes down.

Heavy rain with four minutes to the start.

1-2-3 Bombers! We’re defending the wind end in the first quarter.

Faaaaaark. Worst decision of the day so far.

“Deliberate” in range of their goal.

No score from it.

But they get a second chance due to it, and an air kick in the goal square touches and guides the ball through.

Not bad.


Nanscawen has never heard of wind. Out on the full.


El Presidente and Tricky Ricky have left the building.

Unfortunately the Footscray nuffie is one of the few who didn’t leave after the VFL finished. Is a deadset moron.

The VFLW umps are aware of this “holding the ball” rule.

Locked at our end.

DeMatteo snap from forty is rushed over.


Footscray get a clean run to the other end. No score.

Chewed up 11:30

1-8 after they knee one through. Phew.

We’re doing well here against a dominant team.

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