VFLW - Round 2 vs Port @ The Hangar, 12:30PM Saturday 19 Feb 2022 - our percentage is 1106.25%

We’ll lose the ruck contests to Darby and Winbanks, but it probably won’t matter.

Port were leading Casey (that 3-65 practice game Casey) 15-25 in the first round, and then conceded the last 20 points to lose.

Who gets the job on Sophie Locke up forward?

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Is this where I beg and plead @Catherine_Lio in her role as El Presidente to move the start time to 1:00pm, so I can get from Princes Park to Tullamarine fast enough to do two games in one day??

In round 1 Port only played 2 Richmond-listed players: Sophie Molan had a whopping 14 tackles to go with her 17 disposals and four clearances, and Stella Reid had 14 disposals, six tackles and two clearances.

It was 1:30pm for a while there so you were close to getting your wish… now you will have to choose your favourite teams.

Well, we’ve decided to do the madman’s dash.

We’re going to do Blues v Saints, get off-air at 11.53am, then race down the Tulla freeway and be on-air at The Hangar at 12:29pm.


We should save you a park!

Main concern is saving our table space next to the cameraperson!! :crazy_face:

Seriously, you’ll see me as the mad person with the case rushing out of the car’s passenger side door, then sprinting up the stairs to level 3!

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I’ve always said the AFL website is run by amazing people.



I’d say there is a distinctly non-zero chance that whoever entered that legit thinks 9800% is the correct value.


Wait, where is that from? The AFL site is still wrong (link below). I noticed they updated the VFL app today but did NOT include this.

VFLW and VFL - AFL.com.au


We beat Footscray for the first time last week. Time to do the same to Port (we only played them once, last year, losing 27-38; shortly after that the up-till-then undefeated Port fell apart).


B 16. T. Crook 21. A. Morcom
BH 8. E. Ashley-Cooper 13. E. Hosking 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 9. M. Anthony 18. K. Heil
HF 22. N. MacDonald 20. C. McIntosh 24. R. Tierney
F 10. E.Cornish 4. M. Clifford
R 30. S. Nalder 3. S. Ford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 14. D. Marshall 1. C. Ugle 23. A. Radford
44. F.Frew 38. O. Manfre
EMG 12. I. Currenti 2. M. Trethowan 15. L. Caruso
46. G. Elarmaly
B 23. Z McWhinney 1. O Barton
BH 22. A Peterson 44. L Atkinson 3. L De Gleria Cade
C 5. H Fosbrooke 10 S Locke 32. K Adams
HF 11. M Shaw 48. S Reid 59. S Dargan
F 35 S Navarro 27. E Harley
R 17. B Winbanks 28. S Molan 18. K O’Keefe
INT 14. L Grocock 2. K Dudley 19. C Ryan
24. J Joyce 29. I Stutt
EMG 7. R Niclasen 30. M Briedis



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IN: Manfre (debut from upper-ager Cannon), Frew (!!!)

We’re gonna kick more goals.

Don’t worry, @Catherine_Lio, your previous leaking re: Manfre being an early inclusion was clearly allowed…

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OUT: Davies (OK, chop off the extra goals), Dicker (kicked out?)

Hosking set to play game #25 for us and the VFLW.

Port’s INs:

3 - L De Gleria Cade (HBF)
27 - E Harley (F)
35 - S Navarro (F)
59 - S Dargan (HFF) - Sarah has played 24 AFLW games for the Pies and Tiggers, and is tagged as a midfielder

(This week’s “29 I. Stutt” is the same person as last week’s “29 B. Stutt”. First name is Isabella/Bella.)


4 - C Bromage (HBF)
30 - M Briedis (W)
12 - N Borg (C)
16 - B Wilson (F)

Radio coverage on WARFRadio.com will hopefully start at 12:29pm (we are racing from Carlton to Tullamarine to do both games), and the delay free at the ground coverage on 89.1 FM will start at some stage in the first quarter (when the transmitter is set up).

The YouTube stream link is:


Will your audio get into the video stream?