VFLW - Round 4 vs Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill, Saturday 1 June 2019 at 12noon

The bastardos thought they could hide it in the third out… maybe Tiwis don’t do Victorian winter.

B: 46. L. Ahrens, 15. L. Caruso, 7. K. Hicks
HB: 18. K. Heil, 27. A. Morcom, 11. M. Warburton
C: 5. C. McIntosh, 8. H. Bullas, 1. C. Ugle
HF: 39. M. Fogas, 2. I. Currenti, 25. L. Stepnell
F: 23. M. Collier, 3. M. DeMatteo, 14. T. Zagontinos
R: 30. S. Nalder, 13. S. Audley, 9. A. Anderson

Int: 43. G. Nanscawen, 6. A. Quigley, 28. R. Svarc, 19. H. Trevean

23P: 45. E. Ashley-Cooper

Emg: 33. E. Hosking, 29. C. Laan, 21. K. McFadyen, 24. S. Wilson

In: C. Laan, L. Ahrens, E. Hosking, A. Quigley, L. Caruso, T. Zagontinos, K. McFadyen, I. Currenti
Out: E. Gogerly, F. Puruntatameri, A. Moreen, A. Saundry

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Fark Carlton

B: 50. J. Borg, 66. M. Neill, 11. J. Hosking
HB: 20. C. Wilson, 55. G. Wright, 27. E. Woods
C: 10. S. Hosking, 32. N. Plane, 21. N. Stevens
HF: 22. R. Banner, 56. S. Wright, 8. C. Bromage
F: 38. T. Cassar, 16. B. Moody, 39. C. Leighton

R: 12. S. Cubasch, 35. M. Clifford, 25. J. Edwards

Int: 63. S. Craige, 41. I. Dakis Rofe, 9. B. Gurr, 33. L. Munday

23P: 26. C. Faulks

Emg: 31. N. Burns, 2. M. Jarvis, 17. J. Malouf, 7. A. Prins

In: S. Craige, R. Banner, S. Cubasch, C. Leighton, J. Edwards, J. Malouf

Out: K. Neumann Stone, A. McKay


I’ve checked it once, and I’ve checked it twice: VESCIO NOT NAMED FOR FARK CARLTON.

Which would help explain why they’ve only kicked a total of 3 goals this year…

This is a Radio 3DJR exclusive game.

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All of the emergencies bar Wilson are listed as VFL-released, and CHF Currenti is listed as released.

Looks like a late change!

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Bit of sun, not much wind. Good for footy.

@Hoffy and I were in convoy down Moreland Road.

Yep, Wilson is playing and Currenti is not.

We have 5 AFLW players, they have 9.

We won the centre clearance emphatically.

A Collier smother traps it forward.


We’re killing this. Bullas three or four kicks already. Quigley marks next to the goal post and GOAL


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Tessa Zagantinos is playing forward pocket and is keen.

They throw the ball. Result: two rapid-fire frees to them 50 and 20 out.

7 us, 6 umps, 0 Fark Carlton.

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Fark Carlton have a monster in 45 in the ruck. Not on the team list; I hope they’re fined $20,000.

A series of throw-ins on the wing. Game feels even.

Don’t try to sidestep Bullas.

Tackle. Free.

Ump gives them another set shot in range.

Nalder reads the ball better than their monster and marks, though.

4 minutes left.

Our full back has their jumper pulled up to show entire torso during a marking contest.

Play on, free goal Fark Carlton.


Down our end 90 seconds left.