VFLW - Round 4 vs Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill, Saturday 1 June 2019 at 12noon


No stream anywhere for this today I take it?


The fix is on. DeMatteo marks forward, umps says push and fifty. I yell out something like HASN’T WON ENOUGH BROWNLOWS. And in the closing seconds a perfect tackle and they drop it: holding the woman.

Seriously seriously bad.

1.1.7 trails 2.0.12 at quarter time.


Quigley done a few nice things forward in her return game.

The game is relatively open.


Contested possessions -9, tackles +5


The three Tiwi girls just gave Ash Browne a farewell gift at the huddle. They are going home soon, but remember that we play up there in two weeks… pencil in Moreen for that.



Nalder CLUNKS the kick out.


We got a free!

Needed the over-ride from afar, though.


Fark Carlton girls know how to do an illegal screen to free the full forward. Their forward pocket sprinted forty metres back to goal just to do it, never seen anything like it in my life.

It didn’t work.


Man these umps are ■■■■.

Deliberate high on Nanscawen, after a bit of a tussle at the previous stoppage. The Fark Carltoner unprompted hands the ball to Georgia, but the umps say no.


Svarc goes on a run down the wing and the rest of the squad in the stands go nuts.


Down our end (school) at ten minutes.


Ugle rundown tackle. Her long kick falls off the back of the pack for a point.



Puruntatameri has a knee concern. Is the life of the party in the stand though.


Quigley snap stopped on the line.


Umps refuses to ball it up, so Bullas pops out late and snaps the goal!



2.2.14 leads 2.1.13 at halftime

Had a chance late but Collier kicked it straight to the opposition rather than the goalface.


Apart from a slightly squishy centre area, the surface is in great condition and completely dry.

There is an intermittent but decent breeze from the SSW. Not really an advantage to the school end but worth keeping in mind if on the northern wing.


Nalder is back to dominating the ruck today.

Bullas obvious BOG right now.


Audley Anderson Bullas in the middle. Ugle and CBomb on the wings.


Nalder 2 Bullas.