VFLW - Round 4 vs Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill, Saturday 1 June 2019 at 12noon


Stepnell not much influence today.

Ahrens done alright down back. Good mark just then.


Anderson good too. Just laid a lovely bump on a bigger opponent.


Fogas you star!!!

Just bullocked through three opponents (think Stringer) and kicks to Quigley in the goal square.

Mark and goal.



It’s just the one ump who hates us. Another free on the wing.




AshleyCooper repeated scrapping on the wing against the numbers.


A free by THAT ump sets up a shot on goal for them…



Umps responsible for 13 of their points.


“Just DO something DJR!”
“This irresponsible and biased umpiring has got to be stopped.”
Surely a LOUD RANT from over the fence will help? :roll_eyes:


AGAIN the whole torso is exposed in a marking contest forward. It’s not like it’s white skin contrasting with a black jumper, ump. Do your job.

Deadset cheating.

No resulting score this time.


4 minutes left.


You’re sounding like a dentist trying to reassure your patient that the drilling pain is nearly over!:joy:


Goal from a person prone in the square in a pack.

4.2.26 leads 2.3.15 at three quarter time.


Not sure whether to call for the novacane or the cocaine???


We got a mystery free in the middle from the ■■■■ ump in the last few minutes and I screamed YOU’RE STILL ■■■■.

Was appreciated.

Goal was by Stepnell or Quigley? Followed inspirational rebound from Ahrens. She’s tall, she’s got good hands and she can kick long. That’s a great combo at this level.


Surprisingly we’re very slightly down on the key stats.


The only useful stat is the scoreboard stat!


Major goes ballistic on the three-quarter-time speech.

1-2-3 Bombers!

@Hoffy says the goal was by Stepnell.


Same midfield as at the start of the third quarter.


Audley has been Parish-like today; nose over the ball lots.


■■■■! We can’t even field a full team?? The three players must be mighty good.:thinking: