VFLW - Round 4 vs Fark Carlton @ Windy Hill, Saturday 1 June 2019 at 12noon

Oh Kirby. Caught in front of goal.

The kick falls short though.

Anderson is tackled high, and everyone stops. Umps no idea: play on!

They rove a bounce and kick a… on the full.


AshleyCooper slung hard. Gets the free, but is dazed.

Stays on. She’s a tough’un.

We can’t escape the backline.

Stepnell smashed high in their goal square. Crowd goes nuts, luckily the ump complies.

Another on the full! Fark Carlton are wasting their chances big time.

Hey DJR. Is Ash Brown at the game wearing Carlton gear!!??

A CBomb mark gives us brief respite.

DeMatteo bounces free and kicks long to Quigley 25m out.

And fifty!


32-15 with 9 minutes left.

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No, he’s with us.

But, but, but…I was sure it was reported he was leaving for Carlscum immediately!?

Bullas clearance and follow-up kick

Quigley looking fast(ish) for once on the lead.

Heil some good marks this quarter.

Ugle brave mark on the wing. Contact is late by 0.0000001 of a second, so she gets fifty. Kick falls short, is in our pocket now.

4 minutes.

We’re gonna win.


You always were a big risk taker when it comes to predictions!

Ahrens nice tackle, rolls her like a crocodile.

Special comments by @Hoffy on THAT ump:

“He’s so revolting.”


Two minutes

One minute :slight_smile: