VFLW - round 6 vs Hawthorn @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 11:30am

It’s on 3WBC 94.1 and Radio 3DJR. Is the first half of a double header with the men.

B: 18. K. Heil, 15. L. Caruso, 11. M. Warburton
HB: 46. L. Ahrens, 27. A. Morcom, 7. K. Hicks
C: 5. C. McIntosh, 8. H. Bullas, 1. C. Ugle
HF: 25. L. Stepnell, 29. M. Fogas, 14. T. Zagontinos
F: 23. M. Collier, 6. A. Quigley, 24. S. Wilson

R: 30. S. Nalder, 13. S. Audley, 9. A. Anderson

Int: 45. E. Ashley-Cooper, 43. G. Nanscawen, 28. R. Svarc, 19. H. Trevean

23P: 31. J. Stassi

Emg: 2. I. Currenti, 3. M. DeMatteo, 33. E. Hosking, 20. A. Madden

Stassi back from injury as 23rd woman. DeMatteo dropped after one quiet game; Stepnell will have to step up to fill the gap.


B: 31. J. Sibley, 6. T. Radan, 18. E. Wroe
HB: 13. E. Nixon, 40. E. Macdonald, 5. C. Perera
C: 30. K. Henderson, 10. P. Peschke, 25. M. Hutchins
HF: 26. C. Dyett, 8. R. Beeson, 35. C. O’Donnell
F: 22. T. Luke, 28. S. Perkins, 7. P. McWilliams

R: 19. L. Wotton, 14. O. Flanagan, 9. K. Bentley

Int: 4. S. Carroll, 24. R. Dillon, 3. J. Membrey, 29. A. Tanner

23P: 34. M. Shaw

Emg: 12. N. Cormack , 17. A. Dowler, 33. E. Gilder, 11. D. Haines

We need to win by 14 to pass them on the ladder.

(Yeah, I’d accept a 1-point win.)

All of the emergencies are on the VFL release list.

Just arrived, a lot of nice people here & some from Hawthorn as well


WTF?!? Puruntatameri and Moreen still here, just not playing.

Man, we look weird in MND socks.

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Audley Anderson Bullas Nalder the starting middle.

Straight into our forward line.

It comes out because Nalder is an unco ruckman, goes to their end where Warburton is caught.


The Hawks have some SOLID forwards.


And the solidest of them, 28 Perkins, bustles a mark thirty out.

0-3, phew.

Not sure who our 44 is (she’s not in our named team or emergencies) but she’s an aggressive tackler.

Uh oh.

0-10 as they get it in quick.

Ugle killed in marking contest. Very brave, a bit unlucky not to get the free.

She’s up.

Ugle gets a massive push in the back to allow a mark. Ump says “I’m a flog, deal with it”.

Disgraceful. She then smothers the mark but it heads forward regardless and Nalder has to tackle one metre out to stop the goal.

She then gets a rare tap… straight to the Dawk who goals.


Quigley and Stassi watch from a long way away, in our forward fifty.

Molly Warburton leads her opponent to the ball: misses it, they pick it up and BANG.



Umps are morons and so are Hawthorn. A much less severe push prior to the mark is paid to us at fifty… and five seconds later the Dawk kicks the call away. Fifty and goal to Quigley.

Bullas got the centre clearance kick that started that.


CBomb another rebound off half-back.