VFLW - round 6 vs Hawthorn @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 11:30am

Defensive pack mark by Ahrens.

Ahrens forty metre kick down the wing breaks things open. But we can’t get the obvious holding the ball forward before the siren.

1.0.6 trails 3.3.21 at quarter time.

No significant wind (Hawthorn had the school end that quarter).

Hawks rove a forward bounce and slot it from the forward pocket. Argh.


Some nice leads, passes, and marks by Quigley, Zagontinos and Stepnell there. But the final kick is astray.

Got two “Box Hill Specials” behind me. Very annoying.

Perkins throws a player away from the ball; not at all subtle. No free. Sets up their latest goal.


The umps hand the ball to Hawthorn for the next centre bounce. Off it goes and Perkins marks.

Across the face though.

Audley getting leather poisoning.

She’s tiny but just shrugged a couple tacklers.

Nalder runs off as we face a throw-in on the opposite wing.



Based on Hawthorn’s previous results this year, this is an outlier…


First team to 46 wins.


All of their forwards are suddenly big contest and mark winners.

44 may be Georgia Patriokis, a late inclusion from outside the emergencies. Debut for us.

Ground is damp but firm.

Patrikios and Ahrens very good in these opening minutes of the second half, but we have no power up forward to capitalise.

Meanwhile, Moreen is in the stands.

6-47, from a snap roved at the back of the pack.

Dammmmmmmmn. Their lightweight monster (Hutchins) marks at 45, wheels around, and BANG.



From near the point post Wilson kicks it off the ground through multiple pairs of legs (literally) to goal.


CBomb gets the centre clearance via a big tackle.