VFLW - round 6 vs Hawthorn @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 11:30am


Audley still killing it. Big tackle in front of goal but stuffs the hand-off.


Stassi roves the throw-up but the kick is just a point.



Perkins squashes Audley. Well, tried to do so.


Nalder resting forward. That’s what happens when your second forward tall is also your backup ruck.

Perkins marks and points.


Stassi streams through the middle but Quigley can’t break the tackle and run in to goal.


Must of seen Raz do it last night.:slightly_smiling_face:


Still not sure why DeMatteo is out.


Nalder touches a set shot on goal.

2.1.13 trails 8.7.55 at three quarter time


That was the first quarter where the ball spent any significant time at our end.


1-2-3 Bombers!

The coach’s message is to convert the “just missed” into reality.


Hmmm! :thinking: I thought “just missed” was a reality?


Shut up, Carlin.




We go coast to coast and Collier… misses.



Perkins marks at half-back and roosts it fifty to Monster #2


Stassi free and fifty… well, forty but mysteriously on a much better angle. Weird. Pops it through from 25.



Ugle tackles and then kicks to a leading Quigley


She kicks it 40 but unfortunately the kick was from 43 metres out.


People still try to break Bullas tackles.



We’re winning the contests this quarter but not converting that into scores.


Boundary ump is cooked. Goes out but he’s waaaaay too far away to notice.