VFLW - Round 8 vs Fark Carlton @ The Hangar, 12noon Saturday 9 April 2022

Again? Already?

We’ll just have to smash them again.

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Maddi Wilson not likely to play against us next week – looks like she trashed her knee real good vs Hawthorn just now.

Will be a VFLW.TV (and Radio 3DJR) exclusive game


Given I found a bunch of Bendigo Pioneers had been added to our VFLW list via the AFL pre-game listing of all possible players, and the previous suggestion that somehow we were spit sharing Bendigo with them, I went and looked at their list on the AFL site.

The bastards don’t bother to list their VFLW team on their own website, but from the link below I think they have zero NAB League players on their list (from Bendigo or anywhere else). They have added all 31 AFLW players and 1 Coburg player (Teagan Brett).

P.S. Fark Carlton.

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B 25. I. Ayre 21. A. Morcom
HB 45. B. Clarke 16. T. Crook 19. N. Julian
C 42. J. Zanchetta 1. C. Ugle 18. K. Heil
HF 7. J.Davies 27. M. Appleby 24. R. Tierney
F 17. F.Frew 4. M. Clifford
R 10. E.Cornish 23. A. Radford 5. G. Nanscawen
INT 26. J. Doonan 9. M. Anthony 46. G. Elarmaly
44. G. Dicker 8. E. Ashley-Cooper
EMG 38. O. Manfre 11. K.Lennox 15. L. Caruso
B 28. T Kolevski 13. M Jarvis
HB 9. B Gurr 17. N Moore 5. L Suleiman
C 4. O Madden 16. L Robertson 21. V Murphy
HF 7. A Bild 11. E Wood 6. E Honybun
F 26. M Cowan 3. S Lawrence
R 18. J Borg 1. A Klingbiel 27. A Thorneycroft
INT 25. J Ware 19. A Jordan 20. M Di Cosmo
12. S Ingram 14. T Zampaglione
EMG 23. T Brett

IN: Appleby (debut), Elarmaly (debut, I think)

OUT: McIntosh, Marshall

Still missing: Nalder

Any explanations for those changes in the injury/absence list, @PH_WARFRadio?

Injury list just sent through from the League…

Elizabeth Hosking - ankle - 1 week
Danielle Marshall - AFL Health and Safety Protocols (TBC)
Cecilia McINtosh - rested - 1 week
Natalie MacDonald - sick - 1 week
Simone Nalder - rested - 1 week
Rebecca McDonagh - AFL Health and Safety Protocols (TBC)
Jayda Richardson - ankle - 2 Weeks


Getting COVID before finals, sensible. Though McDonagh risks being a mysterious Thomay Nicolaou if she doesn’t turn up soon.

LOL at us apparently resting Nalder while we play the two top rucks of the league.

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Fark Carlton

IN: Jasmine Ware, Teresa Zampaliogne
OUT: Teagan Brett, Esther Honybun

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Clifford is set to play her 25th game for EFC (60th VFLW).


Our changes since the last game vs Fark Carlton are

IN: Doonan, Clarke, Ayre, Elarmaly, Appleby (total of 8 career VFLW games)
OUT: CBomb, Marshall, Nalder, Ford, Hosking (159 games)



FCFC have changed 9 of their 21 since we last met, and as part of that they have removed all of their AFLW players. That includes Imogen Milford, who kicked 3 of their 4 goals in round 3.

Bigger yikes.

E Wood
J Ware
L Robertson
L Suleiman
M Cowan
M Jarvis
O Madden
S Ingram
T Kolevski

A Lee (AFLW-listed)
B Vernon (AFLW-listed)
B Walker (AFLW-listed)
C Hammans (AFLW-listed)
C Linssen
C Wilson (AFLW-listed)
I Milford (AFLW-listed)
L Brazzale (AFLW-listed)
L Goss

Some video of Appleby at:

Due to a minor knee injury she missed Combine testing last year, which may have helped her not get drafted.

G.L.O.R.I.A. joined EFC in 2019 as a Cannon, but this will be her EFC debut.

We saw her in the practice match versus Casey. She was one of three not-really-rucks filling that role on that day, and with Nalder and then Marshall out this week, we’re going to see that again. I have no expectation she will beat Jorja Borg, but I think she’ll provide a bit more around the ground than Cornish.