VFLW - Round 9 vs Cats @ The Hangar, 11am Sat 20 May 2023

Geelong kicked 3 of their 4 goals vs Darebin in the last 22 minutes of the game. Was ugly before then.

Common opponents above are Pies (we did better) and Saints (call it a draw).

Our game history:

Year For Against Result
2018 14 59 -45
2019 39 44 -5
2021 16 39 -23
2021 17 45 -28
2022 89 11 78

Stats Leaders (leaders, us, Cats, maybe a few others).

Apart from goals, the numbers below are averages… but the rankings are sorted by totals.

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 27
4 - Charlotte Simpson (Cats) 22.4

1 - Sarah Cameron (Willy) and Monique DeMatteeeeeeeoooooooo (Pies) 9
7 - numerous players including Sachi Degiacomi (Cats) 7

1 - Maddie Boyd (Hawks) 5.5
5 - Emily Ramsay and Abby Favell (Cats) 3.4

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 10.6
4 - Renee Garing (Cats) 11.3
5 - Lauren Caruso (Port) 8.4

1 - Jess Bates (Pies) 15.9

1 - Maddie Di Cosmo (FCFC) 12.5
4 - Renee Garing (Cats) 11.7
8 - Charlotte Simpson (Cats) 9

1 - Jorja Borg (Dogs) 29.8
6 - Kalani Scoullar (Cats) 28.5

So we’re outnumbered 1-6…

As you may recall from last year, players being prompted to note their heritage in local terms in the lead-up to Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

In Kendra’s post you can see the main Hangar oval has been spruced up accordingly.

Krystal Russell:


The Cats have got to the top of the ladder courtesy of facing:

  • 2 x Darebin
  • 1 x Dogs
  • 2 x Norf (one win each; the Cats win came a second before the final siren)
  • 1 x Pies (lost, the week after we beat them comfortably)
  • 1 x FCFC (won by 1 point)
  • 1 x Saints (won 17-7)

Where would they be if we took away the teams they’ve played that we haven’t:

  • 2 x Darebin
  • 1 x Dogs
  • 2 x Norf

and replaced them with our opponents:

  • 1 x Saints
  • 2 x Hawks
  • 1 x Willy
  • 1 x Casey


Holy ■■■■.

We’re gonna win.

Was touching wood while stating the above.


Crikey…there needs to be a warning before people get to that post :rofl:


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Fede hasn’t forgotten.

EDIT: and several other Port players have done similarly.


Teams for this week…


Practice for the AFLW-lite part of the season… we’ve dropped 7 current AFLW players and added Chaston. That means we have 4 recently-cut AFLW players, down from the maxed combined total of 10 in recent weeks.

  • Two new players not previously documented (Grunden, Ford)
  • Orritt season debut (2 games last year)
  • Richardson back after 6 weeks out
  • Kendra back after two weeks
  • Russell back after Wales took her spot for the last four weeks
  • Sophie Ure in the emergencies is also a ruck.

Some notables changes for Geelong, particularly Garing in.

M Ford = Maddison* Ford, 174cm forward from Calder?


*Another bloody Madxxxxxx!

S Grunden = Sarah Grunden, 168cm forward from Calder?


Cats have named 6 of their current AFLW players: Bragg, McDonald, Plummer, Houtsma, Fuller, and Garing.

Hopefully this goes better than the 2021 prelim final!

OK, more than just practice.

I hope last year’s sooks at other clubs complain about their advantage over us, if they don’t go “cold turkey” too.

With the AFLW players preparing to start preseason on May 29, the decision has been made to pull them from the VFLW competition.

It will be the first time this year that no AFLW players will partake in the weekend’s match.

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At this point I have only just realised Sophie Molan was NOT one of the players we picked up for the AFLW team during trade/poach/draft season.

Which is good for the VFLW team, I guess!

(I had written up a non-AFLW best 21 during the week, but didn’t realise we were this close to that being relevant. I’ll put that up later, either before or after this game.)

The EFC article also confirms my guesses on the two new players were correct.

Tia Davidge: