Violence Against Women




Curious to hear what you think the outcome of reporting this would be


I reckon that any official report to the police about a female being followed all the way home from the tram stop, on several occasions, would need to be taken further - and if not, it would amount to pretty serious repercussions. Any police officers here feel free to correct me. Aside from that, the actual report, should something untoward happen, would serve as evidence. Furthermore, should it be looked into and the stalker questioned, the possibility is high that they would be ‘warned off’, so to speak, and my female friend would not be horribly raped, murdered, or both.

Not too high a price to pay, in my opinion. I may be wrong.
This is based on the information given in this forum.


It may also result in several complaints about this being put together to form a pattern.

“Oh, hey. That’s the third complaint about this guy in that area in the last month. We should dig deeper into this one…”


You are a good man Master Splinter.


Stop calling me a rat.
I ain’t no rat.


Cool. You have way more faith in the Victorian police force ('s ability to follow up on these things using the finite resources they have available) than I do.


Itchy brother?


Ok - your turn.
What’s the downside to reporting it?


Many and varied.
It’s a very brave thing to do.


That’s a little too vague.
What is the downside to reporting this to the police?


Presuming it goes to court, you’re exposing yourself to more attention.


You are skipping ahead.
What is the downside to reporting the incident?

On the next step - if there was a charge, a crime, and a court case, and if testimony was required, the person reporting this incident would not need to be present. The victim, however, would probably need to give evidence - providing she was around to do it. And it could be done without being exposed.

I am suspecting that you haven’t read this particular incident very well.


Probably not.
My mind is on my daughter who has been with a friend she’s convinced to go to the police.
She’s been there the last two and a half hours.


Not quite the same thing. However - and I know nothing about your situation of course - MsWim is with Police not with perpetrators - so I imagine - quite safe.


Of course you’re right.
It’s quite different, and for now they’re as safe as houses.


Yep this is exactly correct


Careful. You’ll be accused of protecting stalkers like I was…


Ha, excellent turn of phrase there.

It’s pssing into the ocean. With little evidence to go off to actually get to a point where someone get identified and spoken to, let alone arrested, it would get chucked into the incredibly large “too hard” pile and never seen again.

-edit- full disclosure, I have an incredibly negative perception of police that is clouding my view


Fair enough.