Violence Against Women


Good to see the creeper defence league out in full force.

The cops absolutely can, and probably should, investigate, and lodge a report.


Can only investigate if people report, that’s what people are telling them to do.


Well you can be skeptical - but if someone I knew was being followed home at night, I wouldn’t be posting it in a forum and forgetting about it.



It’s more that I’m astounded at the mindset of “but but but what’s wrong with a nice gentle bit of intimidatory stalking?”
I can’t even begin to work out why anyone’s on the creeper’s side here.


Farking lol. You think I’m defending creepers? Read it slowly again and have a careful think about who I’m having a go at.


■■■■■■ if I know. The “let’s wind laws and social mores back to the 1950s” side?


That’s simply not what the post was saying at all.


You know what the thing is.
Despite being obviously well versed in creeper law, it’s not for you to fucken decide what the cops will or won’t do.

You’re fucken wrong.


I know it’s not. Why are you swearing?



Hap seems to be going off rails lately. bit wimm esque.


Don’t put words into my mouth - I was the one who pointed out that the deceased women was of Palestinian origin which was misreported by the media in the first few days


Ethnicity would be Arab surely.


Um well no, following someone can be a crime. It’s called stalking, you may have heard of it


Has this been reported yet, or are we to expect some horrific farkin news about it instead?


I’d be curious to see how many people are charged with stalking based off that.


People who follow people? A lot.


Most likely, but not necessarily.


Palestinian is not an ethnicity. Or have I missed something here?


No you haven’t.