Violence Against Women

And it has nothing to whether it was a man or woman or child - You are like Andrew Maher from SEN

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My suggestion is you need to put up or shut up - You make assertions about some ‘being on the take’ - Let’s state some facts instead of hiding behind anonymity - You state about strange relationships - Strange relationships are more common than expected in society - But they don’t necessarily lead to evil intent.


Maybe it is. You are welcome to your opinion and me to mine. I’m calm.

Suggesting a Judge is on the take because you don’t agree with a sentence is anything but calm and rational.


Are you suggesting it doesn’t or never happens? Justice and the Law is anything but lilly white. If saying that offends, I would say sadly many people are naïve and ignorance is bliss.


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Provide the evidence that the judge was on the take, man up. Or are you happy to just keep calling the judge a crook?

Are you really stupid or just being driven by a hidden agenda ?

I’m just glad I’m a sovereign citizen as any “Judges” rulings have no bearing on me.

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Where did I write “the judge was on the take.” That is NOT what I wrote.

So you reckon someone was on the take, your words, but you don’t think it was the judge who made the determination? Righto then. Either way you are full of shyte.


Your assumptions are your responsibility. Either way………………………

NFD, it continues

The point is lawyers and solicitors have one mission in life and that is to squeeze every cent out of their clients pockets.

AND if criticised they react with self righteous indignation.


Just remember, it was lawyers who dreamt up the laws that allowed a scumbag government to arrest a critic, try him, find him guilty and imprison him to be locked up within 3 hours in a prison full of the foulest members of the most vicious and homocidal cult/religion on earth in the hope he would be murdered.

Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

Great sentiments.

I reckon you may have had a bad experience with a lawyer before. Just guessing.

Better you stop taking the pills and do us all a favour

N VMore than one. Solicitors for example.

Wife was doing probate on her mothers estate and was quoted $500 to $600 for the paperwork by the family solicitor.

After the paperwork was forwarded to my wife she received a phone call to ask how it was going?
$60 … kaching!

Two days later, phone call, how’s it going?
$60 …
Three days later, phone call, how’s it going?
Same thing
$60 … kaching.

Wife complained to me he was ringing her up during morning tea.

■■■■■■■ was sitting down for a morning cup of coffee and racking a nice little earner.

By the way the original quote had suddenly inflated out to $960.

Paid him a quiet visit as he was leaving work and the $180 was dropped.


Get a new solicitor; you are such a whinger.

Think I would take advice from lawyer.


I am not even close to being a Lawyer, but I have spent many days in Court. My Lawyers are all good and honest blokes, and I always get value for money.

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