Violence Against Women


There are lots of Lawyers and there are Lawyers. Being around the place you quickly find out who to use and who to steer clear of. It might be “the old pay peanuts get monkeys.”
I had Robert Richter represent me and he was worth every cent.


Yep, my experience is that the best cost much more. Pity it is that way, since those who can afford it get better “justice”


Richter??! What did you (not) do?


And those who can’t often get none or legal aid.


I sued both the Motor Accident Board and Tramways Victoria and won and was awarded all costs. Ten days in the Supreme Court with Julia Gillard, as a Junior Solicitor. Richter was brilliant, tied them up in knots and made them look incompetent in a packed court room.

Particularly a part in the trial, where the other side said they had a video of me doing something, I should not have been doing. Richter goaded them into playing it. It wasn’t me they looked utterly ridiculous and half the people in the court were laughing. The judge nearly broke his gavel bringing the court to order.


Use lawyers a lot do you
Must be as shifty as all ■■■■.


Yep @sorfed, we do use Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Train drivers, Policeman and assorted Professionals when we need their expertise.

And we do not bitcch about having to pay for it.


Do you need an opera singer? :wink:


Or own a business :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Only if you are fat and have a helmet with horns.

Loved that Opera


I’m actually really close here…


Send a CV with photos



Can only accommodate 50% of your request. I’ll let you guess which.


Found this while perusing Twitter post Q&A, thought it belonged in here.


She has Scott Lucas’ elbow on her knee.


My best mate is an OA singer. I’ll recommend he contact Bacchus.


Could be the beginning of a huge career for him.


Could be.


Good news: the DPP is appealing the Ristevski sentence believing it is manifestly inadequate.

Victoria’s Director of Public Prosecutions is appealing against Borce Ristevski’s nine-year jail sentence for the manslaughter of his wife Karen in 2016 on the grounds that the sentence and the non-parole period are “manifestly inadequate”.

The appeal was lodged by Director of Public Prosecutions, Kerri Judd, QC, in the Court of Appeal.