Voluntary suspensions

Sorry to start two posts in a day, but, given we can’t make finals now AND given we can’t 100% predict the outcome of the WADA appeal…

Should the affected players volunteer to take additional provisional suspensions pending the outcome of the case? The code seems to allow for it.


  1. Puts pressure on the AFL;
  2. Ensures that we get good draft picks without ‘tanking’;
  3. Lets us have a look at some potential pre-season draftees;
  4. Gives a big ■■■■ you to the rest of the comp in terms of television ratings.


Negative - basically an admission of guilt

No thanks

Negative - the aflasada will probably say" see, i told you they will slip up, and then go on to say 2 years for everyone… no, make that 4.
Mcdevitt is a very, very small man.


Negative - the aflasada will probably say" see, i told you they will slip up, and then go on to say 2 years for everyone... no, make that 4. Mcdevitt is a very, very small man.

No way than be trusted that the penalty will only remain 2 weeks. Next minute WADA appeals and it increases.

Added to the act it confirms guilt there absolutely no way we’d take a deal now.

This will go down well

Sorry, to clarify I meant provision suspensions as per the suspensions that we took at the start of the year. Build up the ‘bank’ of provisional suspension time to 12 months and there is pretty much zero risk that players will have additional suspensions hanging over their head regardless of the outcome. A provisional suspension is not admitting guilt.

It is an option. Not one I would take though.

It’s not admitting guilt, however that is exactly what it does

not guilty

You know what people and the media are like, even if 1 player takes a provisional suspension that automatically means all 34 are guilty.

No way.

No way, Jose.

Negative - basically an admission of guilt

No thanks

its not an admission of guilt at all, we did it preseason do you not remember?

Rightly or wrongly it we lose we will miss games, would you rather miss this year or next year?

It is exactly what we should be doing now.

Never. Test the “evidence”.

Is an admission of guilt.

I think the nays have it.

If the players had certainty that this thing would be sorted by the start of the Nab Cup, or whatever it is called, next year then you’d say that any player who is injured and out for the year should start a provisional suspension.

But given the players have no idea when it will all wrap up there is no way any player should do it.

started thread at 2.30AM?

nothing good happens at that time

Have you read Chip’s book???

Have you seen the way WADA are conducting themselves???

Do you really think this is still about our club or players???

We are the collateral damage that nobody gives a flying toss about. This will be dragged out just for the ■■■■■ and giggles of those involved. The best thing for the players to do is to start contributing to the delays, and just play out the remainder of their careers as if it isn’t happening. They can feel free to reply to any media questions on the subject with a well worded orchestrated answer. I’d suggest the reply, “■■■■ You” would nicely cover all scenarios.

Yeah I’ve read Chip’s book, I still think there is merit in this idea. I certainly hope that Jobe, Colyer and Carlisle are all booking provisional suspension time while they are recovering from injury.

WADA will still push for a 2 year ban regardless to save face as other individual athletes around the world are scratching their heads at how 34 athletes (although in a team sport are still individuals) got off yet individual sport athletes are getting banned for less than “our pharmaceutical drug den”. This is a face saving mission by WADA who will fight tooth and nail to get enough evidence and go down every path to get us proven guilty.

Voluntary suspension in an off season is a slap in the wrist for WADA.