[email protected] Bingo


Haha no, I think consultant speak invades everywhere eventually.




I work in a hospital so our wank words are slightly different.

Things like “Patient First”, “four hours is ours” and “safety moments”


‘Utilise’ instead of ‘use’.

Or, worse, ‘utilize’.


Park that idea

Ringfence that idea

[Clicks right hand fingers into an open left hand]


“Talk to…” (it’s “talk about…” FFS!!)
“Reach out” (totally unacceptable phrase, unless you’re a member of The Temptations FFS!!)


So do we all work in IT management?

I agree that ‘reach out’ and ‘socialise’ are definitely up there. Especially when I find I’m using them myself.

‘Leverage’ too. And ‘FTE’ as a euphemism for a person who is about to lose their job.


Skin in the game

Belt and braces

Chatham house rules

Demand management


Swms :flushed:


This is a farking awesome thread!

Up there with the ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ or whatever it’s called.




From the paint!!

Seriously though, … “Let’s network this”

and, … “Let’s put a pin in that”


This really isn’t the forum for that, so let’s continue that thread offline once we’ve looped in the relevant stakeholders




Circle the wagons


Looks lile it. Haha.

However i have noticed over the last 12 to 18 months synergize or wtf it is has significantly decreased.

Agile and rapid in some form are at ridiculously high levels of use. Especially when im presenting to legacy it shops or customers on transformation. Thanks marketing people.


used to work with an operations manager that in every meeting he’d say, “conceptually” about a hundred ■■■■■■■ times. usually in reference to a matter of fact, or a set of numbers. THAT’S NOT A CONCEPT, IT’S REAL LIFE ■■■■■■■■.

along the same sort of lines, another operations manager would drop that he worked at toyota and this is how they did it at toyota.


Artisanal. Single origin. Organic. Heritage. Craft. Heirloom.

Deconstruction. Fusion. Gastropub. Gluten Free. Shade grown.


Hahaha. Some woman in a former company of mine would replay to all and write ■■■■ like “Please revert to this email” “revert to x” etc.



Hate to make a typo eh? :wink:


Loved the instant replay of that post.