[email protected] Bingo


My manager until recently overused “In this/that space” to such a degree, I would count them in meetings. His record was 34 in a 30 minute meeting that only actually ran for 25 once it started. 34in 25 minutes FFS.



Direct language leads to less talk, fewer meetings and higher productivity… but no one wants that right? :slight_smile:


“Lets take that (discussion) off-line.”

Has crept into language at work and i can’t stand it.


Geez, that’s a whole bunch of beardy [email protected], hipster style words right there…


Our HR people try to justify their own existence, but do a terrible job of it.


The phrase, “It is what it is,” has been banned from Mrs Wim’s workplace.


Let’s put a pin in that one, round the wagons, and allow this to synergise with all stakeholders before we go forward with an actionable strategy.


Let’s touch base


Q: Why do you circle the wagons?
A: We get better reception that way.

Firesign Theatre; Waiting For The Electrician.


Hittin’ up the logos


Then the boss says:
Lets touch base privately…


“It’s the Uber of Taxis”


High level detail


Like this thread.

Both been said but the two that get me from the thread are:
“Working in this space”. A law professor (actually he wasn’t a professor, that’s what ■■■■■■ me off he was just an offsider who was a glorified paper hander-outer explained his whole career once about the spaces he’s enjoyed working in and what spaces he’s working in now.

“Let it marinate for a while”


If I was in a meeting and someone said "let’s marinate on this for a while " I would get up and walk out.


Saw an email signature the other day ‘Director of First Impressions’.

You’re a receptionist.


Oh man, great thread.

We now have to have regular ‘customer huddles’. WTAF a customer huddle is isn’t clear, because the accompanying powerpoint (because of course powerpoint) was full of [email protected]

Nearby we have a strategy team that speak in nothing but [email protected] too. Plenty of agile etc. They’re main focus is customer journeys.


Oh yes, and let’s not forget the customer interface and experience.


Someone should start a thread on ■■■■■ job titles.