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I’ll be honest some of those things fly around my office, no surprises there.

But I’m sure there’s people in my office looking blankly at me when I mention stuff like ‘WSPHU’ in reference to a competitors top rep, ‘****’ as a prefix when you mention Carlton. I have had someone mention ‘(insert person who is rubbish) and a third rounder’ which was worth a laugh.


people who say literally, literally all the time.


I once saw a director use a hashtag in an email. AN EMAIL. #uphereforthinkingmate


Oh my god, yes.

Hashtags in emails blow my mind.
#go (person’s name)


“Are you a #ThoughtLeader?”


Occasional #ThoughtLeader
Occasional #OperationalRiskChampion



Using ‘literally’ for emphasis is literally the worst.

Also ‘design thinking’ is the worst


one of my best mates is a shocker for it, i don’t have the heart to tell him that he is completely butchering the use of that word.






■■■■■■■ ■■■■■.


I wrote a ‘Digital Bullshit Buzzword Bingo’ card once when the Sales guys were sat near me.

I’ll close the loop on this and see if I can surface prior comms before PM tomorrow. If upon initial review you have some suggest amends that meet the brand synergistic and goals please add them; remember to make changes to a local copy and Repo it. The Cloud is the Single Source of Truth here.



I was negotiating on the phone the other day and the person i was speaking to said he couldn’t answer just now he needed to speak with "key stakeholders "

I asked if he meant his boss.




I have been at a conference the past 2 days and I would like to nominate a clubhouse leader.
One of the presenters used the term “fastidious prognostication”.
I can’t even begin to understand how someone would think that is ok.


I’ve been to an imagine pagen, also known as a meeting.


Today we got notified of an ‘organisational realignment’. Please note, it’s clearly NOT a restructure, cause that is a scary sounding word. It’s a realignment. Definitely different.

I should add also that apart from bullsh1t lingo like this, i work in government, so my life is basically a Utopia episode


Oh mate. ‘Park that’ is the worst. A management word for saying “it’s all too hard, I can’t make a ■■■■■■■ decision here, anyone got a problem with that ■■■■?”


I had back to back to back to back meetings from 10-5 today.

My highlight: “Synergistic integration within the offering”