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What they should have said:

We have now completed a comprehensive review and analysis of our current reward and recognition offerings. We will now put on a BBQ with actual steak (not those shitty Coles BBQ sausages) and a slab of beer once a month starting this week.


What they actually meant:

We heard all of your whingining and whining, no wonder we pay you like absolute ■■■■■, because that’s what you all are. You sicken us.

However, as we cant actually say that to you, we’ll just keep paying you like the ■■■■■ you are and in about 8 or nine months give some suckhole from marketing a $50 Coles-Myer for their 18 hours of overtime and put a photo of an even bigger suckhole presenting it to them on the intranet.

■■■■ off, we don’t need any of you.


Had an email today from management following up on a recent “Working for Queensland” survey. Recipients of the email were offered the chance to attend a face to face session to “unpack the issues”.



  • that’s the buzz word to use to describe needing more details. I had no idea what it was meant to convey. Then it kept cropping up amongst different people. Obviously someone used it and the others followed.


AGM thread has a plethora of them.




I’ll go and peruse them.


People using “backflip” when they really mean “about face” or “180 degree turn”.

If your position is facing me and you do a backflip, you would still be facing me when you finish the backflip. In other words, your position has not changed at all.

This whinge could just as easily fit into the journalism/media thread as I’m sure that’s where this nonsense all started before being picked up and used by all and sundry.


Okay, let’s just park that idea for the minute.


I’m sure this has been mentioned, but my pet hate is, “let’s action that”.

And Gil with his fkg “I can’t speak to that”. Fking weasel.


I think we should take this thread offline.


“I think we should change tact…” Aaaaagggghhhh!!!

Seriously though, the one which really grinds my gears is “speak to” or “talk to”. You speak/talk to another person or (occasionally) to the walls. You speak/talk about a subject.

Fark Gil.


This thread is being too kind on X’s AGM ppt.


That action would be prudent.


It would be good governance



End to end process

Grip it up



After considerable difficulty, I worked out this means “Sales rep”


Going forward.


It’s like you all follow me around my office all day…