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Paranoid much… and put that ■■■■■■ donut down!


LinkedIn putting a maximum character limit on job titles is some low hanging fruit.


I’m just creating a synergy between my mouth and the donut.


Holistic and goals oriented.
My contrafibularities.


Is this for real?




Enlighten him, Baldrick.



Ah yes, I see… my bad. As you were…


I once had a boss who stood in front of a staff meeting and, without a trace of irony, said “This is not a witch hunt. I just want to know who did it.”


i work corporate.

dont mind “take this offline”. it shuts someone up and makes the meeting shorter.

the word “space” ■■■■■ me to tears.


Reminds me of Gervais in the office ;

“I’m not passing the buck, I’m just saying this wasn’t my decision”



In the foyer of my work building which is undergoing renovations:

COMING SOON: More furniture to activate the collaboration space.

Fark that make my head explode.
Activate. Collaboration. Space. The holy trinity right there.


A consultant probably got paid a huge amount of money to come up with that ■■■■.


My work at the moment where the students are exhausted and becoming restless and we have to return all resources ready for stocktake while trying to ensure that we have made things ready for next year so we are not wasting our holidays (e.g displays and name labels) as we get pulled over the coals if our classrooms are not inviting and welcoming on day 1):“Meaningful and engaging work”

Boss “Ensure school work is meaningful up to the last day. Revise taught concepts. Do no allow for just one off activities. Must be meaningful, engaging and educational.”

Me and my colleagues looking at each other: "How do we do this with no resources while working up to 3 days before Christmas when kids just want to stay at home.

Busy work it is


Perhaps you should memo your boss “let’s park that idea”


My industry is a little different to those described above. Commonly heard in my workplace, “Hey f-stick. The earthmovers are scheduled to start 7am Monday and they WILL BE STARTING whether you’re finished or not”. No flowery descriptions there.



Came up as a suggestion on linkedin, a colleague of someone I know.


Crikey. Humanity is in deeper strife than I thought.


Retail Sales Consultant