Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


This Whirlpool thread had most bases covered.


Ended up getting the gen2 version, trialling kayo, seems to work ok. Going nuts on the music options


Been watching so much hockey and motorsport, chromecasting issues i was experienced have seemed to be fixed.


Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone has Sussed out Kayo in regards to watching bomber games on tv? $25 month sounds ok if you include all the other sport. Has anyone tried it yet?


Yes its good. 25 a month isnt too bad and even better if you can split the cost with a friend.
(can stream multiple devices totes legal up to 2 or 3 streams. Checked this with Kayo)


It’s a good product. Sign up for the free-trial so you can watch our next JLT game and see how you go.


Till now, the only issue I have with Kayo is the resume function is flakey.


Sign up before tonight and first month 5 is


did anyone have quality issues in our first match? i could watch a bunch of other stuff fine, but our game was grainy as for a lot of the match. granted, my internet is horrendous.


On Kayo? Yes, my picture quality kept fluctuating between unwatchable to clear hd back to unwatchable but setttled mainly on hd for most of the night. Bit frustrating.


I had no issues, except it took me a couple of minutes to get Amazon Fire TV stick connected and missed first couple of minutes.

AFL App worked perfectly on NBN TV Clear as a day, better than previous years, helped noone else was using the internet.


How did you connect to the fire stick?
Via an app?
Or did you screen to the fire stick from another device?




yeah, kayo.


If (2) then (1)

I have really shittified bandwidth. Some tips - take everything else off WiFi - phones, tablets, other people’s crap. Stop all your online backups, Dropbox syncing, Google syncing, etc. Make sure your wireless router is where your smart TV/Chromecast/AppleTV/Whatever can get a clean signal.


I tested Kayo pretty thoroughly yesterday on our 8mbps adsl. It was mostly fine @720p. Occasionally later in the evening when I watching a T20 replay it did pause and buffer a few times. Overall quite encouraging.


I watched Thursday night’s game on Kayo on ADSL (9mbps) and found it would buffer numerous times a quarter. My parents also tried it at their place (ADSL too I think) and had the same issue. Also happened when i tuned in to other games on the weekend. A few times when buffering it would end up crashing the page on chrome and having to reload entirely.

I watched most of last season with the Foxtel Go app on my laptop and didn’t have any real issues with streaming or picture quality.


Then you were not running 9mps at the time, guaranteed.
Check what else is using your bandwidth.

How are you sending Kayo to your screen, btw?


In my case I am using Chrome on Ubuntu running on an I5 NUC connected to the screen via HDMI.


I watched our game at my parents place and tried casting it to their TV and it was horrible. Went home and watched via the Apple TV app and it was excellent.