Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


So you were running Kayo on your phone?
What method of casting?


Its been really good for me, FTTH, HD for 99% of the stream. Few features I think they are missing from the app. Like remembering where you were watching a replay.

In general a good start to what could be an exceptional product they can build to a global powerhouse.


Tried airplay from the phone to Apple TV2 and kept getting error but clear for the 10 secs it worked.
Then tried airparrot and a few other apps from their desktop to the TV - which is wired and terrible as well. They are on the same internet provider as me but not as fast.


I’ll check the speed another time while watching and see but our connection is normally pretty stable (as far as I’m aware)
The only other thing on the wifi at the time was an iphone.

I was watching on a laptop - not being sent to an external screen. No autoupdates turned on this or the iphone.


The bandwidth required to hit 720 is really pretty low. I find 360/420 verging on unwatchable.


yeah, i was conscious of having nothing else running.

netflix streams perfectly nearly every time, kayo not so. i’ll keep persisting with it though, overall pretty good product.


Yep, everyone with speeds described, should have been able watch the game in 720 with no buffering throughout.

The thing is init’s infancy, I spoke, or typed to some tech early on about things that weren’t on their player if you used MS Edge to view, and we had a nice type chat about all the difficulties they are having while getting it set up.

My bet is the problems were more their end,… it may well have been the heaviest load put on their delivery servers since they launched the thing.


because netflix doesn’t have thousands of people trying to tune in over a 2-3 hour period for something.

their demand peaks are pretty consistent so they can provision accordingly.

Kayo is run by money hungry grubs (which i pay for because love sports).


Their Android TV app is out now. It might save a few buying a Chromecast


yeah that makes a whole lot of sense, but ■■■■■■ that they obviously don’t cater for it.


That’s sarcastica font right?


Been playing around with a kodi kayo plug in this weekend. It’s brilliant. Can also be setup with fox epg and live channels. I also seem to be able to maintain 1080p with it which defies my slow 8mbps ADSL connection. Recommended!


i’ve been hearing about it for years,… but I really think it’s time I took the time to investigate and understand this Kodi thing.


I literally stick with foxtel because I dont understand it

I cant even remember what my internet speed is at home. Can I test it?



This is the one I believe in most.




In the range of my 12/1 (lowest teir) NBN speeds.


After being Foxtel free for years, I decided to explore it as an option this year.
Happy I did.
Foxtel thru Telstra 12 month Contract ($50 per month) which includes Entertainment Channels + Sports + HD.
IQ4 included, which is a 1 terabyte box.
It is a promo price, which goes up approx $20 after a year.

No, I don’t work for Foxtel.
Just putting it out there as an option if anyone was umming and arring.
It’s blo*dy nice watching sports in HD !


Kayo will work fine for you.


Thats considerably more than Kayo plus I assume you have to be with Telstra which means even more $ spent?