Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


woops thought you were referring to a differnet post of mine.

In relation to the specific channels offering, I got it from here:


I would think this would likely be in the possible offing now because they got the Cricket, meaning people will keep sport 12 months of the year, instead of dropping off when the Footy’s done (AFL & NRL)


I have Poxtel, and I don’t really care about the cost. It means I never have to watch commercial television, and that is priceless.


Except Poxtel has commercials, … which double sucks in the end when you realise you are actually paying someone money to advertise at you.


Yeah it does … we record slot of stuff and just skip through the adds. I think ‘boot was talking about the quality of commercial television rather than the actual ‘commercials’.

TBH I really only watch footy and food related shows… and watching the footy add free is priceless.


So the “Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel” thread is about watching foxtel?

Can anybody do it without foxtel or Telstra? Replays, anything?


If only there was a Footy & Food option.


the rights are owned by foxtel telstra or 7…so you have to watch via them.

foxtel now. 40 per month for 5 months - 200 per year.(watch finals free on 7). HD quality internet tv.

telstra app - free for telstra customers. no good except watching on your phone. - like foxtel now(service also owned by fox) $180 per year + vpn(as its for overseas IP addresses only). just footy.

The last paid option you can buy at a discount through the club(international digital) and you get a membership with a bunch of members merch.(175 dollars).

Free options is pot luck dodgy internet streams which get taken down as much as they go up.

In my opinion Foxtel Now is the best option…or if you arent actually going to sit down and watch games at the TV…just get the telstra app(free if telstra customer or 90 dollar yearly subscription)

I love the idea of watchafl with a club membership…but i think you need wicked fast internet. plus its not that much cheaper for just the footy season.


Looks like Foxtel have a reasonably priced, streaming sports package. As much as I hate them, I think this looks pretty reasonable.


Seems pretty good. Everything you get from Foxtel Now or GO in a sports context, for $15 less PM and a shiteload more features. Might miss the Doco pack though.

Only thing missing, as before, is the EPL it seems.


It’s about ■■■■■■■ time!!

I’ll be getting that, good value with AFL, NBA, NFL, BBL for year round sport, throw in some UFC and I’m sorted.


Read somewhere yesterday where they said the price is $25 for now. Could easily see Foxtel jack up the price to $40 once they sign enough people up, so its cheaper than their normal package but doesn’t lose them too much. $25 is the price point that will get them the most subscribers, but they will try and gouge as much as possible.


Anyone know if they will be developing an app for LG TVs?


been chromecasting things from it to the tv all weekend.

thoroughly impressed.

although the navigation leaves a lot to be desired.


If you login with your Telstra login on kodi you can watch it on your tv for free. Providing streaming is fast enough for you.


Reddit AFLStreams


For chromecast, what are the cheaper fleabay alternatives like and would they work for this?


the $58 chromecast from jb?


Yeah, that’s the genuine google thing (I think), was going to pick one up to trial this thing but most shops near me are out of stock and seem to be replacing it with $100 Ultra version. Doubt that I really need that, so just wondering


Pretty sure you need the ultra Chromecast or 3rd gen (Foxtel now box) to play the stream without stuttering.