Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


Kayo will work fine at your posted speed.
Runs fine for me, and I get just over half your speed.

It’s honestly not hard to set up.
If you have a smart TV, literally sign up for Kayo and you’re off.
If not, you need a chromecast which is $60. Plug it into your TV, put in your wifi settings.


Generally Kayo has been good.

Was a bit grained at times with the F1 on the weekend. I have FTTP NBN so data rates shouldnt be an issue, I’m presuming it is at their end on the demand management not my connection.

Will be interesting to see how it goes in the first quarter Thursday.


No, you don’t need to have any other services with Telstra.
I just thought $50 per month is pretty reasonable for what you get…
All the sports you can imagine, some useful entertainment,music and doco channels, plus the ability to record multiple channels at once on a 1TB box, all in HD.
Also, Foxtel Go works very well.

Anyhow, I might give Kayo a go for a month trial to make a comparison in quality against Foxtel.
Then possibly transition in a year’s time.


Or an HDMI from your laptop


Does the chrome cast have its own Kayo app or do you have to cast to it from another device


Wrong thread I know but will any afl games be on the 4K channel on Foxtel?


Download kayoapp.

The chrome cast button comes up when you play. Sorta looks like a rectangle with three bars coming out of one corner.

Your phone needs to be on the same network as your Chromecast. (eg both on the WiFi)


So Mackster - unless you have a device like a Telstra TV Box (which is a re-branded Roku) or a smart TV with the app - you run Kayo off your phone, then use a system to send it to your TV. Chromecast will do it well, as will other similar devices. You can do the same with Foxtel Now, or any other TV/Entertainment app from your phone. One thing you may want to check - the 1st generation Chromecasts have a limit of 720p res. The 2nd Gen are 1080. The latest Ultras go all the way up to 4k. This may or may not be a consideration to you. In my case, for example, I have a 1080 running on the TV, and an old 702p Chromecast on the downstairs TV. My internet bandwidth is pretty ■■■■ - under 8mbs - so I’m never going to get anything over 1080 anyway. 720 looks fine, and an old Chromecast used is pretty cheap.


Thanks - I’ve got an Apple TV and the app works really well.

Just trying to work out what to get the folks but I think i’ll put Kodi on a Fire Stick i’ve already got and run the app from it.

Do you think running it directly from an app on a device would be better than casting it from a phone?


Much of a muchness, really. I like the phone because it becomes a handy remote - as well as being able to be controlled from at least two of them. But you’d pick what worked best for the old folks, obviously.


Starting with one a week and supposedly increasing as they get more 4K cameras etc.


Or an Apple TV Gen 4


How have people found watching Kayo on mobile data. I did the trial and found it worked fine on home wifi but froze repeatedly whenever l tried to watch on my phone away from home. Obviously dependent on signal strength but watching youtube worked fine but Kayo was terrible. You cant alter video quality on Kayo but it does say it alters it automatically depending on your signal so it should still work ok. But it was crap for me.
For us we are on a 500gb plan which is fine for us currently, but using Kayo would put us above the limit and require me to up the plan which would eat up most of the savings from dumping Foxtel. But if mobile data performance was ok and they had apps for more smart tvs like Samsung/panasonic that dont run android then l would reconsider.


Run a speedtest on your mobile. If it’s above 5mbs, run Kayo again. If it isn’t playing in at least 720p, something weird is happening.




go to the pub.


Thanks - new to Kodi and didn’t know I could do that.
Took a bit to work out but up and running now.
Saved me $25 a month!
The Fire sticks go OK.


So won’t it work on my Apple TV first gen? Do I need to upgrade Apple TV for it to work?


You will need the Apple TV that allows you to download apps, which is the last one made, The 4k model or 4th Generation I think. I had the 3rd generation and it doesn’t allow it so upgrading to the new one and its worth the upgrade.

Edit : I when I say upgrade its not a software upgrade you have to buy the new AppleTV to upgrade.


I think only the 4K ATV is compatible.