Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


Go to sandbelt’s sandpit for said app.


You can get Foxtel Now with sports for as low as $44. That quality is rot though. Tried it on my Xbox and the quality had to be sub SD. Blurry pixels on the text.

If you’re with Telstra on your phone you get free streaming but it can’t be larger than 7"


This was announced last week about HD now on Foxtel Now.

Foxtel has today revamped, re-envisioned and relaunched its defunct Foxtel Play streaming service with the newly unveiled Foxtel Now, a low-cost platform designed to enable a broader range of existing and potential customers to access the shows they want, when and where they want.

Billed as an “evolution” of Foxtel Play, the service comes set-up cost-free with no lock-in contracts, encompassing HD streaming with a new interface and Google Chromecast compatibility.

Foxtel Now features five entry-level packs: Drama and Pop ($15 a month each or $25 together) plus Lifestyle, Docos and Kids ($10 a month each). Responding to Aussies’ demand for Game Of Thrones, both the Drama and Pop packages include the showcase channel, on which HBO’s acclaimed series screens.

On top of the entry-level packs, Movies ($20 a month) and Sports ($29 a month) are available, and all things considered there will be more than 16,000 titles readily available through the service’s on-demand library.

“Foxtel Now is here and we’re thrilled to share it with customers hungry for the best choice in live sport, new movies, TV and complete seasons,” Foxtel chief executive Peter Tonagh said in a statement. "Over the past few months we’ve introduced some fantastic new changes to our subscription streaming service including lowering the entry point to $10 per month and launching on Telstra TV. As part of the evolution of our streaming service, we felt the time was perfect to relaunch the service as Foxtel Now.

“Foxtel Now represents our most flexible and affordable entertainment service and brings with it HD streaming, a great new look and feel and the freedom to jump in and out based on your viewing preferences.”

The app will launch tomorrow on PC and Mac for Google Crhome, as well as Telstra TV, iOS, Android and Chromecast. Ports for PS3 and 4, Xbox One and select smart TVs are in the pipeline for the near future, though standard-def is still available across the board.

“From tomorrow, all Australians can watch what they want, when they want and where they want at a price that suits them best, from low-price, no-commitment, HD streaming up to a state-of the art viewing experience via our cable and satellite iQ3 set top box,” Tonagh said.


Not on my 100gbps connection it doesn’t. Or maybe it’s a problem with their Xbox app.

Their iPhone app is just the new logo on top of their old (buggy as hell) Foxtel Play app and their Xbox app is just the Foxtel Play app without changing the logo.


I was just going by the press release! :slight_smile:


I did the Foxtel Play, and actually had it down to $40 per month, and found the quality quite acceptable, although I don’t believe HD,…(rang them to find out if it was supposed to be, and could not get a definitive answer, which was a bit weird, …“You’re selling this product aren’t you,…?? Shouldn’t you know what it actually is you’re selling?” …them,…“Um, … err…”)

I thought it was about 720p res,… and as I say, acceptable, … but then an old source reappeared, so I ditched it.


Kodi +free AFL live pass is currently working for me.

I detest the Kodi interface, but I love paying zero dollars to watch the football, as is my ■■■■■■■ right as an Australian.


Do tell…??

How you do/get this??


Telstra mobile customer with work.

Moral tradeoff.


I remember foxtel play wouldn’t show the footy using hdmi from laptop


So how do you send signal from Kodi to your to, guessing Android?


So no JOE DAN then?


How do Kodi and the Live Pass work together?

New Kodi has a whole new interface btw


So I’m guessing the beer was free?


Kodi can be installed on a micro PC and plugged into HDMI on your telly. there is even an app for you phone to use as remote control over wifi for kodi to make it fairly easy to operate.
I purchased AFL subscrition and tried it on kodi which I have anyway, and the live stream quality isnt really wacthable on a bigger screen IMO. AFL app on kodi is good. Good for on demand replay which is better and just watchable quality.
Kodi has other benefits, check out exodus addon. I wont say any more than that.

Kodi a little tech and nerdy to setup but WELL worth the trouble


Kodi can be installed on PC MAC or linux, even works on raspberry PI. I think android too


You have to link your mobile number with free pass to Telstra id, enter Telstra id and password in to the “catch-up tv” add on (must be installed within Kodi, I’ll post a link later, it is mentioned in a great post earlier in this thread somewhere), when you click on the links for live match or replay it will verify live pass on your Telstra id, then bobs your aunties live in lover.

You may have to connect using mobile hotspot first time, but can them stream through your home wifi once established.


All hail TeeBee



iPhone (sellout) but it’s not really involved in this process. Laptop via vga to the Tele. Rustic.


By the way, if you’re not a Telstra customer, I’m pretty sure you can get a Telstra prepaid $30 starter, choose the 6mth recharge option and maintain your AFL pass by topping up every 6 months, or if you time it right, once a year. Just use the sim to register then ditch it.

$30 for the season, not too shabby.