Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


no it’s never free, even if i drink it at home

it’s also not a requirement to sit and watch the game there

i just like beer




Another option is the AFL websites Streaming from outside Australia.

If you live outside Austrlaia you can pay on the AFL website for a 1 week $19 or 1 month access for $33.
AFL international streaming
The catch… living outside Aus. I played around with it trying to get it to work using some free VPN’s one day… but could not get it to go. I think it was the VPN’s. When i tried it, International streaming was 100% free… before the last Media deal.

But if you paid reputable VPN you should be able to get AFL international streaming, the beauty is that it can be taken up on a monthly basis… get a month of “non free to air” essendon games and it might be worth grabbing at $8:25 a game. (and you can still watch every other game)

The added benefit of the VPN is also using The pirate bay, and streaming from US websites, and BBC websites and many others. So… thats one option.

Android emulator i played with a couple of years ago… i could not get it to work, but it was early days, sounds like some of you have it working.

Or you can do what i do… It is filtered with a potatoe lense…

Its a good site, it does spam you a bit with adverts, and some streams feel unresponsive… just have to be patient. sometimes i get a good one… some can be a bit problematic and pixelated.

Generally i find it watchable… when the red and black pixels kick the goal i know we are going OK.


Nice :slight_smile:


Imagine us discussing HD while over in the UK they are complaining about the quality of F1 streaming in UHD.


I stream the AFL Live App to my tv (60" plasma) and it works fine…

I am a Telstra customer and have Telstra tv which comes with built in Miracast.
I have Miracast on my phone and connect that way. I find the best option is to disconnect from my wifi at home and rely on mobile data to stream the cast, then use the wifi for miracst only.

While it is not 1080i it still delivers a very watchable image. I would assume that any two devices that use
the same casting program should achieve similar results.

You can download Miracast as a free app for android.


I have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time now. I find it bazaar that I can stream american sports live and in clean crisp quality through Kodi but I cant get my home sport in HD for a reasonable price. I live in brisbane and just got myself a 65 inch UHD TV, turns out that SD on an UHD TV looks really bad. Back to AFL streaming, I have used kodi before with my afl sub and it didnt work that fantastic, too much rubberbanding. I have streamed AFL from the crown bet app which is good value for free, you dont even need money in your account. I have been for some time now been using the windows AFL App on my surface pro ( the first model) which is a 10.6inch screen that displays it full screen. Even better than that you can get yourself a mini displayport to hdmi cord that also works to your digital TV. This last solution was the best one by far and looked decent on a 42" HD TV (I am yet to try it on the 65" because I think i know the results)


In nsw and there’s no coverage of today’s game. (giants and swans double header instead).

I assume our game is Fta in Melb? If it is, is there a way to get a stream or pick up its reception in Sydney?


Sign up to Crown bet. Minimum $$ stream all games


No it’s not on FTA. I refuse to have anything to do with Crownbet so it’s off to the pub for me today.


Do you have to pay anything? What if you don’t bet?


There’s a minimum, something like $50. I’m not sure as I have Foxtel…a friend uses crown bet.


I’ve moved to USA, but Watch AFL and a decent internet connection (HD streaming) is an absolute godsend. Every game live and on-demand.

You could do the same in AU with a VPN.


They’ve completely upgrade the Watch AFL tech from a few years ago. You can download the app on your phone and cast it to a TV with Chromecast - it’s ■■■■■■■ brilliant.

People have mentioned using a VPN in Australia and subscribing to this service, I use a paid VPN which are generally far better quality than the freebies. Next time I’m in Australia I’ll look into it at my folks’ place.


This is what i do. First thing i did when moving here was buy a Chromecast. Admittedly internet is better here that when i lived in Brisbane, but you’re right, a decent (paid) VPN will do the trick in AU.


It looks really crappy on a 65" for me. Unwatchable, really. We get different opinions on this. Maybe it’s just opinion-based.


Nah you’re right. All the streaming options are garbage quality. Watch AFL is only as good as every other option. There’s no HD stream.


Also, side note, this is one of the most regularly visited pages from Google.


^It’s no wonder. Probably hundreds of thousands of people would have Foxtel only for the AFL. And their/our money supports the rest of the absolute crap Foxtel puts out.


That’s why I can’t believe the AFL did this deal, both from a commercial and techical point of view it’s moronic. Just think how much the AFL revenue is subsidising the rest of the crap on Foxtel and how much value there is to grow revenue from direct streaming sales.