Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


With the bucket loads of money they made from the last deal, they should have created their own foxfooty style network and sold game rights off to the highest bidders per game, per week. Every network bid on games at the start of the year, any not bid on can be bid on later in the year (kangas wouldn’t be a good bid early in the year but if they are flying by round 10, when those games would be more appealing). AFL on all channels. Any games not bid on would be available on their footy channel network/streaming service.

The “AFL footy channel” could’ve be played on foxtel (like a stand alone showtime or HBO does in the US), or bid on a new free-to-air channel like C31. At the same time direct stream of games worldwide via an app on smart tv’s and mobile devices. They may have made less money at the outset but at least they’d have complete control over the brand and be able to grow the game faster benefitting them in the long run. But alas…they didn’t. Maybe next deal they look farther than the whims of an cantankerous old ■■■■ (murdoch…not me).


They made bucket loads of money by selling the rights to Foxtel.


Fuxtel was desperate for them,that’s why they paid so big, … o/wise, they were finished as a viable entity with all the online streaming services for shows taking off.


Cheers, well I’ve had it this weekend gone with $0 put down. I’ll try it this coming weekend and report back.


Strange thing about Foxtel is that if you download the game to watch it again, it is not in HD and vision is poor, and it stops at final siren If you tape it when they do the replay then it is in HD and get get the boys singing the song?!


Makes perfect sense to me. The bare minimum. Foxtel in a nutshell Baccusfox.

They will provide the bare minimum, until forced otherwise. The big contract the AFL signed away was so short sighted, they didn’t think about all the ways murdoch could screw the footy public out of their hard earned cash. As long as the AFL got their bazillion dollars for…“grassroots footy”. yep…


Fugg Foxtel. I watch it down the RSoLe.


AFL or Foxtel. It’s like asking which child you wish to give to the devil (or evil equivalent).


Can the Crownbet feed be played on tv via airplay? Or is that disabled like the AFL app?


I tried the AFL overseas HD stream thing, yes to me it was 1080 but the frame rate is awful, you do get used to it. Another way to do it legit, is find a friend who has legit foxtel, and you can stream legit using foxtel go. If you get a little micro PC and HDMI it to your telly that is more than OK, I think there is still a frame rate issue with foxtel go as well, They use silverlight on the current foxtel go for PC, so hopefully they will sort that out one day.

Each foxtel account can have 3 simultaneous go users and they recently lifted a block on being able to watch live AFL on anything other than an IPAD


Does the crown bet thing allow you to chromecast? Or at least view on a lappie?


Anyone watch through the AFL Video App via Kodi?


Oh no!
Looks like Sanbelt’s backdoor to replays has been closed.
What to do? What to do?


Are there any links available please?


Yeah the other download site isn’t updating either.


I live in Brisbane, I have a 65" UHD TV and i use kodi app on the TV to watch AFL, every match works great. In Brisbane we have 7mate at SD and I tell you the afl app streaming to a 65" UHD TV looks the same. Makes sence as they are the same resolution. I can’t complain really except our TV broadcasts should be UHD or HD with no useless shopping channels that take from our bandwidth. KODI is where it is at until Australia gets to the 20th Century. If anyone wants more reading google “South Korean TV”, this is what i want.


Sheeeee-ite. RIP.


dont get the obsession with foxtel hate.

if u want afl players on millionaire contracts, afl ceos on millions and ti subsidise a visit to the footy you just have to pay it.


simple really


Was a bit of sarcasm in that. Fox is a at more than 40 bux a month

Especially when half their streams are just channel 7 with ads for footy.(just did regions)