Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


It is certainly not my preference that AFL CEOs get millions! So, I hope that all the Victorian BBers whose attendance at the footy I subsidize will give this post a like.




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Just looked at the AFL App on Telstra TV (it has an App of its own, no extra fees or subscription), it now has full match replays which you play on your TV.

So if you are a Telstra Customer with a Telstra TV box, you can do this the day after the game, much like you can access an AFL digital subscription on a computer by logging on to your “Live Pass” on the AFL website(if you have one), except you don’t need a live pass, just a Telstra TV box.


If you use Chrome as your browser search for this extension Flash Video Downloader. Install it and you will see an arrow pointing down in the top right hand corner. Go to the AFL website to view their replays and when you start watching, click on the arrow. You will see a range of download options up to 720p. You have to do each quarter individually and at 720p each qtr is about 600mb. If you want them as a single file, use something like Avidemux to join them into a single file after downloading. Takes about 5 minutes to append files. If saving using Avidemux, use output format of .avi. Enjoy!!

MKVToolNix works well to append files as well.


Nobodies arguing about paying for content.

Just the oppression of technology and mandatory bloatware.


oh i do.

its too expensive and u get a lot of crap with thw footy.

technology is fine.


You do realise you also get other sports with Foxtel subscriptions? I have had it for 2 years now and I’m happy to not have to stuff around looking for ways to not pay.


It’s 2018.

We should be able to buy a replay of a single game on a VOD basis…and I think that could be a very acceptable price.

Time-based subscriptions just end up bundling viewers with a whole lot of games that they don’t want, that they are not going to watch.

It feels like it’s still the early 2000s, and the record agencies (= AFL) are trying to defend a lazy service offering, and consumers are just responding by using Napster (=


Just give the farking footy channel for $10pm, you bustards


I’ve been doing this and watching on my 55" LCD. Couple of things to note:

  1. The replay isnt available until the next day
  2. Its only 720p
  3. If you watch live games on your phone, its way too small imo
  4. If you watch live games on your iPad, a fair chunk of screen real estate is stats.
  5. If you havent got half decent internet speeds, downloading/streaming can be slow

For this, I bit the bullet, signed up for Entertainment, Sports and HD including an IQ3 for $39 a month (no install fees).

Increases to $65 after 12 months, no cancellation fees. Offer ends in a few days.


Got a new phone contact with Telstra

Includes free Foxtel Now subscription.

$29 per month for Sports.

Chrome Cast to TV.


With Telstra on my mobile and I cast my phone to a 50" UHD with no real dramas using miracast. Picture is as good as normal tv although you can sometimes experience drop out.


How’s the quality tho?


I’ve watched it on up to a 65" 1080 screen with no dramas, you would struggle to pick the difference between it and a normal tv broadcast.


hi telstra hi.

i read a good comment elsewhere re: this, “if only telstra spent as much time fixing the UI and bloatware as they did on blocking streaming to a tv” something like that, anyway.


You can stream Australian network on a few android apps and that has most games for free. I tried on the weekend with no buffering here in the Philippines.

Quality was ok for a free stream.