Watching AFL on a TV without foxtel


When you say normal TV you are referring to Channel 70?

There’s a massive difference between Channel 7HD and Fox Sports HD, but understand that the app meets some peoples needs.

I’ve decided that the AFL Live Pass doesnt meet my needs anymore


yeah high def , way better than through the AFL live pass appy thing.

Depends on your interent connection. Only issue watching AFL 360 on High def means you can see Robbo more clearly.


Its high def dependent on the source. If it is coming from foxtel HD that is what you get I believe. My 65" plasma provides a crystal clear picture when cast. Due to the casting device using wi-fi, you need to tell the phone not to use the wifi for data, or it will download from your internet if you normally connect, rather than the phone data


I remember a while ago the end of year EFC questionnaire had stuff about memberships with foxtel packages. Wonder what happened to that chain of thought.


$39 min. you have to keep one of their annoying “starter packs” loaded with ■■■■.

their movies and sports channels are the only things worth watching(IMO).


id take just their sports for $30. thats my price for saying yes.

all footy all cricket. plus other sport if u like that sorta thing.

or give me movies and sport for 40.

just fark off all that other BS they package “deal” you. I hate paying for stuff I dont use.


Doco pack and Sport for my money, … only wish I could watch the Doco’s sans fkn Ad’s.


no they waive $10 monthly fee due to Telstra phone contract and also includes extra ‘kids’
pack for nicks. so it’s only $29 total after you add sports on.


interesting…thanks for the tip.


also i think I could have chosen ‘docos’ insead of ‘kids’ but was free way of geting extra content for them.


read the other day Foxtel are rebranding and will be allowing you to only pay for what you want down to specific channels rather than just bundled packs


I did the math.

I come out pretty even buying a 2yr plan getting new mobile and foxtel now included for 1 year.(plan + 29 per mth)

compared with buying desired handset, prepaid plan and paying foxtel now at retail price(upfront handset + prepaid plan(unlimited calls) + fox now at 39 per mth).

might be worth it if I wanted an iphone or google phone. telstra seem to do a good deal on the google phone on a plan.


I spent an evening hacking together an emulated android app on my pc with the afl app to get around this.

What I learnt over the next 8 hours of googling, reading tech forums and doing all sorts of crazy ■■■■ is that somebody from over afl yonder spent a lot of time and money making sure we have to buy richy mc dickheads foxtel plans to easily watch on our TV’s, and specifically that the AFL is the first code in the world to stoop to such fuckwittery out of any sports organisation in the world.

What a pack of clowns.


Don’t they also charge extra ($10/month?) for HD?


no not on ‘Foxtel Now’.

They do on the normal Foxtel as far as I know.


Probably late to the party on this

But match replays now behind a paywall on




If they spent half the effort on a good streaming platform and packages they would make more than Foxtel were ever offering.


If this isn’t true, coming after you with a rusty spoon.


ha ha ok.

I signed my Telstra contract about 2 months ago, so not sure what offer is right now.


From what l read they are crunching the numbers to see if they can offer individual sports packages without losing money from people dumping the other stuff. So l imagine it would be like you can pay $30 pm for just the AFL package but if you want all sport you would have to pay more.